10-Day Pantry Challenge for Coronavirus Quarantine — Fortified Family

Oh my gosh, that was a long 10 days!

It was quite a challenge NOT going to the grocery store & I can say the hardest part was running out of produce and milk.

It did feel good to whittle down some of the pantry stash – and I actually found myself LIKING the challenge of looking for recipes based on ingredients I already had.

I realized we go through a LOT of buttermilk (waffles, pancakes, cornbread)…but that cooking from your pantry stash can be pretty affordable.

We’re lucky to have a deep freeze in our garage & I stock up on protein when it’s on sale.

Ironically, now that the 10-day pantry challenge is over, I don’t even want to go to the grocery store because we’re in the midst of the coronavirus quarantine, and there’s very little food there anyway!

Yes, I would do a 10-day pantry challenge again. But I’m also ready for things to get back to normal & to resume my regular weekly online grocery delivery full of fresh produce, bread & dairy products!

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