10 Sprouts Farmers Market Foods to Buy for Baby-Led Weaning — Fortified Family

One final thing about BLW bananas: you might notice I do NOT recommend the “banana lipstick”. The banana lipstick (…not its real name, just what it ends up looking like)…but this is a phenomenon you see on social media where parents cut a banana in half keeping the peel on, then cut back a small part of the peel and give the whole thing to the baby.

Baby smears the little part of the banana that’s sticking up – hence the “lipstick”. 

Baby ends up “holding on” to the banana no problem, but then all but eats the banana peel. I don’t like this approach because, well, do YOU eat bananas with their peel on? No, we don’t eat the banana peel…so why would you teach your baby to basically try to do just that? 

The peel is where any potential pesticides from a banana live. It should be removed and not put in your baby’s mouth.

There are safer ways to make slippery foods like banana spears easier for babies to pick up. Here are a few of my favorites:

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