12 Best Baby Sunglasses, According To Mom 2021

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If baby sunglasses aren’t on your baby essentials shopping list, you might as well add ’em. You probably own at least 12 bottles of sunscreen for your baby, because you understand the importance of sun protection. But your baby’s eyes will need protection too, and even if you think your baby won’t wear a pair of sunglasses for longer than three seconds, now is the perfect time to practice—when they’re young and too busy learning about the world and pooping to notice.

Just like the sunnies you rock, there are lots of stylish options for babies that offer UVA and UVB protection. Since babies tend to break things on a very regular basis, it’s important to find shades that offer shatter-resistant lenses, flexible rubber frames, and straps to keep those puppies from falling on the ground 6,000 times per hour.

We rounded up our favorite baby sunglasses, so all you have to do is scroll and find the pair that you think will work best for your baby. You’re welcome!

Best Baby Sunglasses

If you’ve always wanted to wear matching sunglasses with your baby, now’s your chance. WeeFarers are basically mini versions of Ray-Ban’s Original Wayfarer Classic. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, and they’re available in five colors.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

These highly-rated Babiator Navigator sunnies offer some serious Tom Cruise vibes. They have 100% UV protection and flexible, durable frames for the babies who like to test the bendability of everything. So, all babies.

$23.00 AT AMAZON

These retro-style sunnies don’t have any bells and whistles, but they sure are cute. They come in several colors, and since they have plastic frames and lenses that aren’t bendable, it works out nicely that an extra pair is available for an additional $5, because you know, breakage.

$10.99 AT AMAZON

These shades have over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon for a reason. They’re
polarized, work with prescriptions, are super bendable, have UV protection, and they’re BPA-free—which is great if your baby chooses to use them as a teether. They also come in several color options with throwback names, including “Free Willy,” “Fraggle Rock,” “Kelly Kapowski,” and “McFly.”

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Best Baby Sunglasses with a Strap

The benefit of sunglasses with a strap is real. Babies take them off so often, it’s a full time job keeping track of them. This BPA-free and shatter-resistant pair is available in grey and has over 3,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.


Here’s another pair of virtually unbreakable sunnies. This pair comes with a cozy strap, and they’re certified BPA and phthalates-free, scratch proof, shatterproof, with polycarbonate and polarized lenses and UV protection. In other words, they’re quite possibly the perfect pair.


Shield your baby’s eyes from the sun with this cute pair of polka dot sunglasses, which also come in eight other color options. Plus, it comes with a rubber strap and a cute matching case.


These heart-shaped shades aren’t the most durable when it comes to baby sunglasses, but they have a strap, which at least keeps them from falling off everywhere. They do, however, have UV protectant, so they get the job done, and they’re ridiculously cute. There are several colors to choose from.


Best Infant Sunglasses

The right sunglasses instantly make anyone look cooler, and babies are no exception. The plastic frame is bendy, they have UV protection, and they’re super lightweight, which makes them ideal for infants. They’re available in six colors.


The perfect size for infants, these heart-shaped sunglasses are practically unbreakable with bendable frames. They’re available in pink and fuchsia. Here’s an Amazon review from  Britney Cosello that seems to be the general consensus among other reviewers: “These are perfect sunglasses for babies! I couldn’t find a pair of sunglasses that fit my 4 month old and these fit perfectly. They are also very durable so when my daughter throws them they don’t break. Plus they are super cute!”


This pair from GAP is an inexpensive and super cute option for infant sunnies. You don’t have to spend any time choosing a color, because they only come in black and white polka dots. The frames aren’t flexible, but if your baby isn’t able to take them off yet, they should work just fine.

$7.99 AT GAP

Made of flexible Dupont rubber, these cute sunglasses have scratch and impact-resistant polycarbonate impact lenses. According to reviews, they’re pretty indestructible and the perfect size for infants, unless your infant’s head is on the larger side. Choose from six color options.


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