18 Best Watches For Teens That They’ll Actually Love 2021

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If you’re looking for the best watches for teenagers, you’re in the right place. Because, well, admit it: Does your teenager have a hard time sticking to a schedule? Are you constantly telling them to me somewhere at a specific time, only for them to be totally late? Maybe it’s time to slap a watch on their wrist and tell them to take some responsibility for their schedules. In a totally loving way, of course. They’re growing up quickly, and before you know it, they’ll be out of your house and on their own, and the best thing you can do for them is prepare them. Getting one of these best watches for teens is a step in the right direction of teaching your kids positive adulting habits. Plus, there’s a good chance it will help your kids start to feel like they’re grownups if you gift them with an accessory that feels extra special. Whether it’s for a birthday, or just because, shop nine of the best watches for teenagers and grab one for your own kid.

Best Watches for Teenagers

This Tonnier Watch is simple, which makes it perfect for the teen who doesn’t want anything flashy. It does, however, have a colorful watch face for a tiny bit of pizzazz. The rubber watch band will make it comfortable on young wrists, especially if they’re active.

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Casio’s throwback BABY-G watch is an ode to our own teen days, and if your kid likes all things vintage, then they’ll be all about this watch. And it’s not just for looks, either. The Casio BABY-G is shock and water-resistant, has a backlight so you can use it in the dark, shows you various world time zones, can be used as a stop watch, and its battery life is about three years.


The rad red and blue ombre watch is for the teen who wants their watch to stand out and also serve as a bold accessory. Skagens are known for their quality, and so this one will not disappoint. It has 100 feet of water resistance, is scratch-resistant, features a tang clasp, and the band is silicone for comfort and durability.


If you’re ready to get your teenager a higher-quality watch, this Swatch Essentials Watch is a step above a budget buy. Swatch is synonymous with iconic timepieces, and your kid can be a part of that. This watch is very neutral and has a silicone band for comfort. Swatch has a ton of options, though, if you think your teen may want something different.

$65.00 AT AMAZON

This is just a fun watch that probably won’t last your teenager longer than a couple years, but they’ll love it nonetheless. It has a gum ball printed dial and its band is made of rubber (durable, but definitely not dressy). Also, just note that this watch is not water-resistant, so if your kid has a tendency to forget they’re wearing a watch before hopping in the shower or pool…either remind them, or pick something else.


The Timex Unisex Weekender is another watch that comes in a bunch of styles but is designed for durability and comfort. No matter what your teen’s tastes are, there’s definitely a style here to suit. The watches are water resistant up to 100 feet and are made to be easy to read.

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Available in black or pink, the AGPTEK Smart Watch gives your teen a little more functionality than just a standard watch. With these, they can sync with their phones to be a pedometer, sleep tracker, fitness tracker, and so much more. If your child is an athlete, they’ll love having all these health stats close by.

$45.99 AT AMAZON

Citizen is offering up several special edition watches right now, including  Star Wars, Disney, and Marvel collections that are perfect for teens (or honestly, adults, but we’ll save that for a later roundup). We spotted this classic-looking Mickey watch that offers all the modern features (like Eco-Drive technology, which means your watch doesn’t need a battery to run, it just needs sunlight). It’s water-resistant, provides the month, day, date, and moon phase, and more. Yup, it’s on the really pricey side, so this could be another great special event gift.


Best Watches for Teenage Girls

CdyBox Leather Band Watches are the perfect option for your teen who is just starting to get into nicer jewelry and accessories and wants something that looks grown-up. This watch will be exactly that but won’t break your budget. These watches actually come as a 10-pack, which means your teenager can pick whatever color suits their mood on any given day.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

If you’re looking to get the teen in your life something extra special (maybe it’s their birthday, quinceanera, or bat mitzvah) this Kate Spade watch is not only gorgeous, but it’s really unique. When you first look at it, the watch looks like a heart bracelet, but it actually opens up to reveal a a heart-shaped watch inside (and has a beautiful mother of pearl face). The strap is black leather and the watch and heart detail is made of gold-tone stainless steel and black enamel. This is the kind of gift your teen will never forget.


Betsey Johnson was one of our favorite brands growing up as teens (for special occasions, of course!). Betsey was the queen of prom dresses and punky flare — and she’s still got a great line of clothes and accessories today. This rose gold Betsey watch may be a little extra, but it’s perfect for the teen who wants a watch that dazzles. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters, its strap is made of rose gold-tone metal, and its face features are what makes it really stand out: inside is the Betsey Johnson signature logo and it has star-shaped hour markers (do make sure your teen is already good at telling time, because this one requires clock face familiarity).


Another neutral option for teens who want to keep track of time without being flashy, this Swatch 1610 New Core watch has a translucent silicone band and easy-to-read watch face. The fun hidden detail is in the back of the watch — the gears are exposed for a bit of added whimsy.

$70.00 AT AMAZON

We just love how pretty this navy blue watch is. Its cool flower details in the dial make it a little more special than your standard watch, so this could be a great present for a birthday or the holidays. The case is made of stainless steel and strap is leather. Its an automatic watch, so it doesn’t require a battery, and its water resistant is 5 ATM. Fossil is known for their quality watches, so this one will last your teen many, many years.


Not all Swatch watches are neutral! Take this Swatch Women’s 1904 Energy Boost that’s dotted with fun cherries and has a bold red face. Like other Swatches, though, the band is a comfortable silicone that will sit nicely on your kid’s wrist through an entire school day.

$65.00 AT AMAZON

Best Watches for Teenage Boys

The ATIMO LED Multi Function Waterproof Watch is a great sporty option for your kids who love to be outdoors. It comes in four different colors and is ultra durable. This watch also functions as a stopwatch and alarm and even comes backlit so it’s easier to read in the dark.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Is your teen a surfer? While this watch is ideal for both teen girls and boys, its all-black style might appeal to a dude who just wants functionality with no frill. This watch comes with pre-programmed tide info from 550 beaches from around the globe and is made from recycled ocean plastics. Obviously, it’s totally water resistant up to 100 meters, and is super comfortable to wear.


The Fizili Men’s Watches are what your growing boy needs to feel like he’s becoming a mature adult. These are for the young man who is interviewing for jobs, filling out college applications, picking up a date for a night out, and any of the other occasions to feel a little more suited up. It comes in 12 different colorways, so your son is sure to find something he likes.

$28.88 AT AMAZON

If you’re looking for a luxury watch for a fair price, Stuhrling has some handsome options. This one is military style that’s cool and practical. Details like its stainless steel case, 24 hour display, and leaf-style hands make this watch extra elegant. Made with genuine leather,  the strap is comfortable and sturdy.

$99.99 AT AMAZON

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