25 Tips to Make This Your Best Year Ever!

It is time to kick off a new year… are you ready? I love the fresh start that a new year brings, so I am a total vision board/resolution loving gal. Whether you are into new year’s goals or not, I have created a list of 25 healthy & happy tips to make this next year the best one yet! Try it!

25 Tips to Make This Your Best Year Ever!

1. Get More Sleep! Sleep is SO important, so set a bedtime and STICK TO IT!
2. Exercise 3 times a week. Bring on the endorphins!
3. Try meditation.
4. Start a Thankful Journal. Each night write down 10 things you are thankful for.
5. Master time management. Figure out where your time is going and if you are using it wisely.
6. Create a vision board.
7. Eat more probiotics.
8. Clean out your closet. (not sure where to start? Check out the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up)
9. Schedule doctor’s appointments with your primary, your gyno and the dentist.
10. Try to learn something new every week.
11. Make self-care a priority.
12. Wake up early.
13. Create a budget and stick to it.
14. Save more money this year than you did last year.
15. Plan a girls night once a month.
16. Throw out old makeup and toiletries.
17. Write & send a letter to someone you love once a month. (you can try for once a week if you are feeling ambitious)
18. Plan regular date nights with your husband. (even if your “date” is a movie on the couch once the kids go to bed)
19. Unplug from social media at least one weekend a month.
20. Say “Yes” to your kids more. (check out this great post from Kristen over at Mommy in Sports)
21. Find a planner that works for you and USE it.
22. Unsubscribe to emails you no longer need/use.
23. Start weekly meal planning. It will save you money & time.
24. Read more. (or listen to audio books)
25. Make an effort to focus on the POSITIVE in every situation. (check out my post on how to make happiness a habit)

I hope I inspired you to make some healthy changes. A few of my own goals include: Spend less time on Instagram (I am beyond obsessed with Instastories) by putting my phone in a drawer as soon as I get home from work, read 30 books, continue to detoxify my home by getting rid of products with nasty chemicals and endocrine disruptors. 🙂

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