40 Lucky Quotes For The Next Time You Need Some Good Fortune

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What does it mean to have “good luck” or “bad luck”? That’s a concept that’s been hotly debated by people for centuries. Is luck like karma? Or more of a blessing? Is it something you are inherently gifted more of if you’re, say, Irish? Is there really such a thing as “luck of the Irish” or is luck just superstition? Is luck, like many famous people have suggested, really just a person’s hustle (or lack thereof)? If you work hard, will you be given more luck… or good luck? Can your “bad luck” simply be attributed to your lack of motivation? We don’t know the answers to any of these questions. What we do know is that many people wiser than us have some pretty insightful things to say on the subject, resulting in lots o’ lucky quotes.

We will say, though, that it’s hard to imagine that luck singles out certain people — like those who work their butts off and are still met with catastrophe after catastrophe without having ever done anything quote-unquote bad. So, it seems that luck might be some sort of mix of all the aforementioned ideas. Maybe you can make your own luck. But you can also be born into luck by being born into the “right” family. And, you know, luck is also pretty relative. We might consider Prince Harry to be pretty lucky. One might say he lives a rather charmed life. But, let’s not forget the tragedy that has struck him and molded him, too. No singular person is always lucky or unlucky because no life is 100 percent stable, without highs and lows.

Luck, like life, is a bit of a rollercoaster. And we’re just along for the ride, much like the people who said all of these lucky quotes below.

Lucky Quotes
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Lucky Quotes on Bad Luck

  1. “When ill luck begins, it does not come in sprinkles but in showers.” — Mark Twain
  2. “If you have a bad luck at the dawn, you had a bad luck. If you keep having bad luck all day, you are the bad luck.” — Amit Kalantri
  3. “The deepest thing in anyone is the conviction of the bad luck that follows boasting.” — Gertrude Stein
  4. “There is no thing known as bad luck. There is luck, or no luck at all.” — Jeffrey Fry
  5. “Bad luck either destroys you or it makes you the man you really are.” — Miguel Torres
  6. “You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” — Cormac McCarthy
  7. “You never can tell whether bad luck may not, after all, turn out to be good luck.” — Winston Churchill
  8. “Not many people have had as much bad luck as I have, but not many people have had as much good luck, either.” — Tig Notaro
  9. “The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck.” — Channing Pollock
  10. “You can spoil your good luck with your stupidity, but even with all the smartness in the world, you can never outrun your bad luck.” — Shon Mehta

Best Good Luck Quotes

  1. “Because of ignorance, we often attribute to good genes — and therefore good luck — fruits of things such as exercise, reading, meditation, and fasting.” — Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  2. “Good luck needs no explanation.” — Shirley Temple
  3. “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” — Benjamin Franklin
  4. “Those who have succeeded at anything and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.” — Larry King
  5. “A great man’s greatest good luck is to die at the right time.” — Eric Hoffer
  6. “The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.” — Barbara Sher
  7. “Well, I was never in luck’s way long.” — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  8. “It’s hard to detect good luck; it looks so much like something you’ve earned.” — Frank A. Clark
  9. “Good luck has its storms.” — George Lucas
  10. “Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.” — Sally Koslow

Lucky in Love Quotes

  1. “Bad luck with women is a determined man’s road to success. For every affliction, he makes, out of indignation, yet another advancement in order to exceed the man that the woman chose over him. This goes to show that great men are made great because they once learned how to fight the feeling of rejection.” — Criss Jami
  2. “Don’t be afraid of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you.” — Anonymous
  3. “Some people are lucky to find love. Others must settle for being liked.” — Seja Majeed
  4. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” — A.A. Milne
  5. “Everybody loves an accent. If you’ve been unlucky in love, consider pulling up stakes and moving to another country. Then you’ll be the one with a neat foreign accent.” — Marilyn vos Savant
  6. “Maybe that’s what love meant, both people thinking they were the lucky one.” — Meera Syal
  7. “Lucky in love is lucky enough.” — Anonymous
  8. “I’m lucky in love with my best friend/Lucky to have been where I have been/Lucky to be coming home again.” — Jason Mraz
  9. “You have to remember what’s most important in life. I am loved by so many people and have a wonderful job. I know I am incredibly blessed. I am a completely lucky human being.” — Troian Bellisario
  10. “Every single person is a beautiful human being, and we’re lucky. That’s what gives you longevity. You have to love the people that you work with.” — Katee Sackhoff

More Lucky Quotes on Good (and Bad) Fortune

  1.  “Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” — Orson Welles
  2. “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” — Seneca the Younger
  4. “We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?” — Jean Cocteau
  5. “Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who do not depend on it.” — George S. Clason
  6. “Luck is not chance, it’s toil; fortune’s expensive smile is earned.” — Emily Dickinson
  7. “Most of us regard good luck as our right, and bad luck as a betrayal of that right.” — William Feather
  8. “I sometimes think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt
  9. “If a man who can’t count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?” — Stanislaw Lem
  10. “Here’s the thing about luck: You don’t know if it’s good or bad until you have some perspective.” — Alice Hoffman

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