5 Dog Toys That Will Make Pet Parenting Easier for Owners

5 Dog Toys That Will Make Pet Parenting Easier for Owners:

Owning a dog is a huge blessing, but it comes with its own set of challenges. For example, whenever pet parents are working at the office, their poor pups are left alone at home with nothing to do. This can be a problem, as their canine companions constantly need to be entertained and given a lot of attention in order to stay happy and healthy.

Fortunately, pet owners can buy dog toys to keep their pups occupied and happy while they’re away. This can also be an opportunity for your pet-related business to address this particular pain point. As long as you work with a reliable supplier of wholesale dog toys, you can start selling all sorts of pet toys that your customers and their fur babies will enjoy. That said, here are a few great product ideas you should consider adding to your existing catalog:

Stuffed Toys

Humans aren’t the only species that can appreciate a good stuffed toy. Indeed, stuffed toys can provide a bored and lonely dog with hours of entertainment. Dogs can also practice their hunting instincts by chewing and shaking a stuffed animal.

Of course, just any old toy won’t do, as dogs can easily destroy most plushies with regular play. Thus, you’ll want to have these items custom-made with durable materials that are specially designed for everyday wear and tear. That way, pet parents can rest assured that their fur babies won’t easily rip their new playthings to shreds. So make it a point to look for a supplier that creates stuffed toys made to endure lots of abuse from energetic pups.

Interactive Smart Toys

For owners that can afford to give their pets a short play session each day, smart toys can be nifty little gadgets to own. Essentially, these are motorized dog toys that owners can remotely control from their smartphones. They allow pet parents to play fetch with their dogs even if they’re not at home, making these items perfect for people who want to be more present in their pups’ lives. Best of all, the speed and movement of most smart toys can be adjusted, allowing for both leisurely or vigorous play sessions.

Puzzle Toys

Even dogs need some intellectual stimulation, especially if they get bored easily. That’s why puzzle toys can be a fantastic addition to any pet’s toy collection. As the name implies, these types of toys encourage pups to solve puzzles in exchange for a tasty treat, and these products typically come in varying levels of complexity.

For instance, food dispensing balls simply require the dog to roll them around to make the treats fall out of the toy’s compartments. For pups that love a challenge, a puzzle toy with levers and labyrinths may be more interesting and satisfying to play with. As a business owner, it will benefit you to stock different types of puzzle toys so that you can cater to pups with different kinds of personalities and levels of patience.   

Automatic Ball Launchers

Active pups that enjoy games of fetch will love automatic ball launchers. Essentially, these machines allow dogs to play fetch by themselves for hours, even when their owners aren’t home. The distance, angle, and speed of each throw can be readily adjusted according to both pup and owner’s preferences. After tweaking the settings, all a pet owner has to do is plug the ball launcher in, and the gadget will be ready to go.

Once a pup has retrieved a thrown ball, they simply need to drop the ball into the bucket of the launcher to reload it. It should be relatively easy for owners to train their pups to do this, especially if their dogs have already received training in the past.

Chew Toys

Nothing can beat a good chew toy. These products are great for growing pups who have started teething, as it allows them to chew on something durable instead of gnawing on their owner’s belongings. That being said, you’ll want to stock up on chew toys that are safe for teething puppies. Consider picking chew toys that are made of non-toxic rubber or chew toys that can be frozen to provide relief for a pup’s sore gums.

Though nothing can truly replace one-on-one playtime with their owners, dog toys can still provide pups with a good amount of stimulation so that they don’t get too bored or lonely. Since dogs have different levels of patience and have their own personalities, consider stocking up on more than one kind of toy for your business. If you are looking for a reliable supplier and manufacturer of dog toys, just make sure to do your research and ask your contacts for referrals. As long as you do your due diligence, you’re sure to collaborate with a pet product manufacturer that is credible and trustworthy.

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