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What’s Wrong with This Photo

Baby is eating raw carrots.

In a bed.

Two things going on here: babies should never have raw or hard, crispy pieces of fruits or vegetables (or anything for that matter!) as they pose an imminent choking risk.

Furthermore, the safest place to feed your baby is properly positioned and seated in a high chair (not on a bed or your lap or a car seat or a stroller).

What’s the Right Way to Feed?

I love carrots for baby-led weaning, but they need to be cooked, and soft.

You can serve strips of boiled, roasted, baked soft carrots and don’t be shy about seasoning. Add nutmeg or cumin or even some chili powder to the cooked carrots for additional flavor experiences for your baby.

Feed your baby in a high chair where the baby is sitting upright. Torso and legs should be at a 90-degree angle, knees at roughly a 90-degree angle and feet resting flat on a footrest (ankles also at a 90-degree angle).

Early on you don’t need to strap your baby into the high chair. You actually want to be able to extract early eaters very quickly in the event of a choking hazard and don’t want to be fumbling with the straps.

Once your baby has been self-feeding for awhile and is getting the hang of different foods, flavors, tastes and textures – this usually coincides with the time your baby is becoming more mobile. When your DOES start moving around more and is a climbing or flight risk, then start using your high chair straps to help keep baby grounded and focused and safe at mealtimes.

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