7 Best Hoverboards For Kids That Are UL 2272 Safety Certified 2021

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret: the best hoverboards for kids don’t really fly. Those Back to the Future flying hoverboards are still a thing of, well, the future. But, the kids hoverboards we are talking about are absolutely real and incredibly fun. Today’s hoverboards are fully tricked out, hands-free electric scooters taking riders to school, work, or just for a cruise with the fam. Regardless of where you or your kiddos are heading (even if it’s just a spin through the kitchen), the best hoverboards for kids and beginners will get you there safely and smiling.

Modern hoverboards have come a long way since they emerged on the scene. Because these aren’t just battery-operated skateboards anymore. The best hoverboards are fully integrated, UL 2272 safety-certified personal transport machines that happen to be out of this world fun! Since safety is our top priority, we only recommend hoverboards with UL 2272 safety certified batteries, which protect from overheating and overcharging. Some of the best hoverboards for beginners are also the safest with self-balancing stabilizers for easier mounting and a smooth ride. Thanks to non-slip foot pedals, these kids hoverboards are a breeze to balance and maneuver.

Switch on the lights, pump up the built-in bluetooth speaker, and have a family hoverboard dance party. Better yet, install one of the manufacturer hoverboard apps to track distance and customize skill levels. Or engage in a bit of healthy family competition with in-app hoverboard challenges. No matter if you are spinning 360s or just cruising with the wind in your hair, the best hoverboards for kids will keep the inner child in everyone smiling. (And keep us parents feeling young, too.)

Best Hoverboard for Kids

Sporting two 250-watt electric motors with a maximum speed of 9 mph, the self balancing Hover-1 i-100 hoverboard is built for kiddos on the move. Yet anyone, any age, will have an absolute blast with this easily controlled, stability enhanced hoverboard. Play music through the bluetooth speakers on the board, customize the colored LED wheel lights, and map where your kiddo has been on their hoverboard with GPS tracking all through the downloadable Hover-1 app.  “I’m so happy I went with the Hover-1 hoverboard versus the cheaper generic version. Kids absolutely love the flashing lights and changing tire colors while I’m impressed with the 10 hour battery life, great stability and quality” reviews an Amazon customer. Perfect for all ages, the i-100 carries up to 264 pounds and has a distance range of up to 9 miles! Another hoverboard parent reviews on Amazon, “Great hoverboard! The self-balancing is so awesome even our 4 year old can ride it!!”

$199.99 AT AMAZON

Kids of all ages will love the effortless ride-ability and futuristic design of the Tomoloo hoverboard. Every member of the family will have fun tracking speed and distance while competing against friends and themselves, conquering challenges in the custom app. Plus, the colorful lights and long ride time don’t hurt either. “Easy to use and fantastic visibility” reviews a parent on Amazon. “We purchased this for our 7 year old and he loves it! We initially thought he wouldn’t be able to balance or operate it but within minutes he was cruising around. The lights are bright and attention getting, which eases our minds when he is riding around as it gets dark. The bluetooth speaker is loud and easy to connect. Overall a fantastic purchase and would 100% recommend this hoverboard for kids.” 

$229.99 AT AMAZON

Fully loaded for next generation fun, the Beston Sports hoverboard features top notch safety standards including UL 2722 safety certification with battery overcharge protection. And speaking of safety, the easy balance start-up technology allows any rider, regardless of age or skill level to safely step on and off the non-slip hoverboard. High tread 6.5” rubber tires offer superior performance and a smooth ride on most surfaces while the 36 volt lithium battery provides a ride of over 7 miles with each charge. One parent reviews on Amazon, “I bought this for my 6 and 7 year old kids a few days ago and they love it! My daughter got the hang of it in about 10 minutes and wants to use it all the time. They love the lights on it too! I would buy this again as a gift or another one so each child had their own.”

$105.00 AT AMAZON

Created with children in mind, the SISIGAD Hoverboard features flashing LED wheels, front headlights, and super fun colors and patterns like no other hoverboard. The intuitive design and self balancing features will get your kiddo zipping around in no time. “I bought this hoverboard for my 10 year old son as a gift,” reviews a parent on Amazon. “He absolutely loves it! Super user friendly and the product is made well. He loves hooking his bluetooth up and riding around listening to his music. It’s very entertaining seeing him roll around dancing and doing tricks on it. The battery lasts him all day. The carrying case it comes with is handy for when he takes it to his grandparents house. We love this hoverboard!” The UL 2272 safety certified SISIGAD Hoverboard charges in a flash and has a super long ride time, so your family can spend more time playing and less time charging. 

$169.99 AT AMAZON

Best Hoverboard for Beginners

Road warrior status isn’t just for advanced hoverboard enthusiasts. The beginner friendly Gyroor Warrior hoverboard makes conquering all your hoverboard dreams (or that of your kiddos) a reality. Super sized 8.5 inch, deep tread tires easily tear through any terrain including grass, dirt, and wet surfaces. Plus the warrior’s aluminum alloy frame with enhanced shell for extreme durability is nearly indestructible. “We got this for our 13 year old daughter!” exclaims one parent on Amazon. “We love the app you can download on your smartphone and has a self balancing and adult mode. You can also set the speed limit, change LED lights, and shut the hoverboard down all from the app. We think it is a lot better than the others because of the rubber tires. My daughter even brings it in (after cleaning the tires) and rides it around on our hardwood floors with no damage to them. The speakers on it are great too!!”

$299.00 AT AMAZON

“The best gift we ever gave,” raves an Amazon customer. “I ordered this for my 4 year old grandson for his birthday present. He was so excited when it arrived he almost couldn’t contain himself. It came with a full charge and he was able to ride it right out of the box. It turns out there are 2 apps to download, One controls the lights and music while the other is the mode settings for beginner, intermediate and advanced.” Worried about your little one maxing the speed out?  Adjust the app controlled skill levels to cap the speed off at 4 mph for beginners. As your beginner masters the hoverboard (and you get more comfortable with them zooming around the driveway) bump up their skill level to intermediate or even advanced. The non-slip footpad and zero degree turn radius means even the youngest family member will enjoy the stable ride of the Hover-1 H1 hoverboard.

$224.99 AT AMAZON

Specially designed for beginners, the innovative self-balancing hoverboard features easy drive functionality with a powerful battery. “This is a perfect starter board” reviews one parent on Amazon. “My daughter had a more expensive one she couldn’t balance on so we gave it to an older family member. After using this one for maybe 5 minutes she was off and rolling. Now she can balance on the one we gave away. The Jolege hoverboard performs just like any other, but it has something in the sensor that doesn’t make it so sensitive to every movement so a younger child can use it and have fun!!” Indoors or outdoors, the superior stability and rubber treaded tires easily traverses most surfaces including gravel, ceramic flooring, and inclines. Find the perfect board for your unique kiddo with tons of bright colors and fun patterns to choose from.

$169.99 AT AMAZON

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Beston Sports Hoverboard Scooter


SISIGAD Self Balancing Hoverboard


Gyroor Warrior All Terrain Hoverboard


Hover-1 H1 Electric Hoverboard


Jolege Self Balancing Hoverboard


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