80 of the BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds

As my youngest is crossing the threshold and becoming a three-year old…

Here are 80 of the BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds!

These are either things that my two year old enjoyed or would if we had thought of doing them this last year!

The best thing about 2 year olds is they LOVE to play!

80 of the BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds

2 year olds love to play.

Physically, they are active participants in almost any activity that includes climbing, kicking, running (short distances), scribbling, squatting, hopping and the way they walk starts to appear more like an adult or child than a baby.

physical development 2 year old - boy jumping over tires outside with colorful tires - red, green, yellow and pink
Through play, 2 year olds develop coordination, spacial recognition and so much more…

Mentally, two year olds are grasping language with more skill, being more thoughtful and starting to strategize and hold concepts. In fact, it is at age 2 that they often start running through scenarios in their head that can predict outcomes of actions.

It is one of the reasons why play is such an important part of a 2 year olds life…it helps them develop both mentally and physically! Oh, and don’t forget that important social component as well…

2 year old explore world of color with a rainbow of activities - colorful food, rainbow painting, rainbows to hold and colorful blocks
The world is full of color & 2 year olds want to see and taste it all!

Fun Things to Do to Exploring Color

Create colorful art using leftovers from around the house. via Kid Play Do

Side walk chalk is always a fun outdoor activity for kids. Put the batches into condiment bottles to develop hand muscles as they create. via Learn Play Imagine

Create a color wheel with small toys and trinkets from around the house. via Teaching 2 & 3 Year olds

Get outside in the summer time and have fun with one of these simple activities. via Kids Activities Blog

Create a set of dancing rings using ribbon. These are adorable. via Etsy

Sorting is something that teaches kids patterns, helps them to learn how to differentiate, and is *fun* for the kids!  via  Color Made Happy

Help your kids eat all the colors of the rainbow – these gummy snacks for kids are fun to make, and tasty for even picky kiddos. via Modern Parents Messy Kids

Jump through the different shapes and colors with a DIY hopscotch-like mat. via Toddler Approved

2 year old crafts and art activities include paint - shown is a puffy paint with feet, letter painting, ice painting and wet chalk
Yes, 2 year olds love to craft and make art…

Crafts for 2 year olds

Freeze paint in ice cubes for a cool colorful project. via Learn with Play at Home

Get an older sibling to paint a picture and turn it into a toddler puzzle. via Kids Activities Blog

Make prints with plastic letters – a great way to play with color and the alphabet at the same time. via No Time for Flash Cards

Clean their hands with homemade hand sanitizer and talk about what texture they feel. via Kids Activities Blog

Get creative with paint. Use different objects to make prints. Check out this forked fish. via Fantastic Fun & Learning

Paper Plate Roses. They are colorful, fun, and an easy craft for your toddler. via Kids Activities Blog

Face painting is something that my kiddos love. The first thing they do with markers is draw on themselves. Make a face painting kit! via Thirty Handmade Days

Another favorite at our house is diy side walk chalk. They love to smash the chalk to bits in colorful blotches. Make your own paintable chalk version. via Kids Activities Blog.

Get crafting with our huge list of toddler crafts. via Kids Activities Blog

Bathtub paint for kids is one of our favorite ways to make bath time fun! via Kids Activities Blog

Explore different textures! Paint on unusual surfaces, like bubble wrap with your kids. via Sugar Aunts

sensory activities for two year olds - hands in paint, shaving cream, rubber bands and colored spaghetti
Sensory activities for two year olds make sense…they love getting into everything!

Sensory Activities Your 2 Year old will Love!

Rainbow Spaghetti is a fun medium for kids to explore. Dye it for extra fun. via Fun at Home with Kids

Shaving cream is a great sensory tool for kids. Add Koolaid for colors and scent variations. via Learn Play Imagine

Feathers are a fun thing to craft and play with. Create a fun, colorful bird in this preschool craft. via Kids Activities Blog

Pasta is a blast to play with in a sensory tub. Dye it and add some element shapes for kids to have fun digging, sorting, and touching. via Nurture Store

Kids love big canvases. Keep one around the house for your kids to paint whenever the desire strikes. via Meri Cherry

If you don’t like mess, maybe the bath tub will be a better place for your kids to explore color mixing. via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Give your kids a pair of scissors and colorful sheets of paper. They will have a blast creating confetti – and afterwards craft with the bits. via Picklebums

Preschoolers can learn about more than color as they explore. This is a fun rainbow-themed math activity. via Nurture Store

sensory play for 2 year olds - beans, rocks, beads, dinosaurs and play dough are shown with words "Sensory Play
Sensory play is just plain PLAY…so many things to touch and explore with 2 year olds…

Sensory Activities for 2 Year Olds to Explore

Add pipe cleaners and large beads to playdough play – it will help your kids develop fine motor skills. via Plain Vanilla Mom

Two year olds have fun rolling stacking cups, and pretending to drink/eat. via Kids Activities Blog

Chocolate Ice Cream, our preschoolers love to eat it – and this play dough recipe smells delish! via Kids Activities Blog

Rice is a fun sensory table addition. It’s cheap and easy to find, and kids love the texture falling through their fingers. via Living Locurto

Toddler art projects can be daunting. Meri Cherry has 10 Ideas to help get you started!

Make footprints in playdough with your 2 year old’s favorite toys, then see if they can match the footprints to the toys! via Kids Activities Blog

Story-telling is a great way to help toddlers develop language patterns and learn sequencing of events. Make your own story stones. via Happy Hooligans

Play a learning game of concentration with your kiddo. Put three items up and remove one. Have your child identify which object was removed. via Love and Marriage

Make Kabobs of play dough. Form beads and thread them. Great way for kids to explore texture and motor control.   via No Time for Flashcards

Water beads are the rage. Here are water beads that toddlers can play with, and even eat as part of a bubble tea. via Kids Activities Blog

Try using the ABC Mouse app (link includes 30 FREE days!) to teach your two year old the alphabet and how to count!

outdoor activities for 2 year olds - clothes line, making punch, pulling, car play, making musical instruments, play board, sponge bombs and blowing bubbles
There is a world of wonder outside for a 2 year old!

Fun Things to Do with a 2 Year Old Outside

Mudpies!! It’s a quintessential kids activity – make an mini-outdoor kitchen for your kids to cook and create in. via Inner Child Fun

Cloud dough is so soft and squishy, they will play with it for hours. via Kids Activities Blog

Sandboxes are a mess… but what if they were small, easy to cover, and you could drag it into the garage when you were done?? Win! This is a sandbox on wheels. via Alisa Burke

When was the last time you surprised your child with a picnic – for breakfast? This site has a bunch of other creative ways to connect with your kids. via Inner Child Fun

On a hot afternoon, frozen water beads are a huge hit! Fill a big bucket with them. via Busy Toddler

Do your kids hide in clothes at a department store? Mine do! Recreate that experience by hanging fabric for your kids to run through at home. via Meri Cherry

Bang the afternoon away with a fun musical wall – attach it to a fence in your back yard. via Fun at Home With Kids

It’s a soup!! Only you can’t eat it. This soup is made from flower petals and cut up fruit. Smells lovely, and is a hit with the kids! via Meri Cherry

Use egg cartons to help your kids differentiate between colors with this fun sorting activity. via The Imagination Tree

Sponge bombs are the BEST! Make a big batch of them, and add them to your tots bath toys. via Inner Child Fun

Play with all the colors of the rainbow in this fun Simon Says game. via Toddler Approved

Card board boats are a blast. This is a fun pretend version you can add to your backyard. It will be loved until tap can no longer hold it together anymore. via Merri Cherry

Bubbles are a blast, especially lots of them. These bubble snakes are perfect for kids who want to learn to blow or who love popping bubbles. via Housing a Forest

Activities for ACTIVE 2 year olds - finger puppets, ice play, food fun mud pies, planting flowers, art, crafts, making a maze
Let’s keep those 2 year olds busy at home!

Activities for ACTIVE kids who are 2!

Summer time ice-cube sculptures. Your two year old can stack colored blocks of ice and watch the colors melt together. via Learn Play Imagine

Make a batch of snacks for toddlers and have a picnic together. via Kids Activities Blog

Do your kids love flowers?? Mine do! Check out this flower sensory bin. via Kids Activities Blog

Building forts and hanging out inside forts is a blast for kids. They love cubbies to crawl into. We love these indoor forts for toddlers. via Kids Activities Blog

Young preschoolers are just beginning to play pretend. Pretend games help them build an imaginary world. via Kids Activities Blog

Your kids don’t need to have blocks to build. Use chunks of watermelon this summer with your preschoolers. via Fantastic Fun and Learning

You can fill bags of paint for kids to squish and trace in as mess free finger paint. Clean play. via Kids Activities Blog

Drop the ball through a fun maze – your kids can create and explore with TP tubes. via A Happy Wanderer

Make an “invitation to play” for your kids using yarn, sandpaper, and strainers – it’s a pasta party! via Where Imagination Grows

Water – everything is more fun with water. Use a squirt gun or spray bottle to learn the letters with your toddler. via Hands on As we Grow

activities for two year olds - making things with 2 year olds, toilet paper stacks, rock collections, kinetic sand, homemade toys, car ramps and hiding in boxes

Fun Things to Do at Home

You don’t need fancy toys to build towers. Use toilet paper – if your kids are like mine, they will enjoy unraveling a roll or two, too. via Gideon’s Travels

Water play ideas will get them outside on a hot day! via Kids Activities Blog

Learn all about the five senses with this fun printable for kids. via Playful Learning

Grab a box – it can be a terrific launch ramp for toy cars. via Kids Activities Blog

Toddler friendship bracelets are a fun way to practice cutting and threading fine motor skills. via The Nerd’s Wife

Use a lump of play dough to create a poll to toss rings on. This is a great way for kids to develop hand-eye coordination. via Love and Marriage

Encourage your kids to be active with one of these 25 super simple activities. via Kids Activities Blog

Create a quiet book to entertain your kids during nap time or another calm period. via Quiet Book Blog

Kerplunk is such a fun classic game. Grab a spaghetti strainer and some pom-poms for a fun game. via Meri Cherry

Rocks. My kids love to play with them when they are at the park. Teach them not to throw rocks at home with a fun box. via Nurturestore

Do your kids want to play in the sandbox, but they are just a touch to young as they put everything in their mouths??   Create an edible version. via Happily Ever Mom

Build with blocks in a water table – a fun outdoor experience. via Little Moments to Embrace

LOTS of activities for 2 year olds through play they develop independence - cutting, beading, chores, cleaning and playing
Almost anything is fun when it is play!

Activities to Encourage Independence in our Kids

Help foster independence and teach work ethic with ideas from our chore list for your preschooler. via Kids Activities Blog

Build towers with all the old boxes you can collect – use tape and bring a step stool. via Meri Cherry

Your kids may not understand lengths and how to use a ruler yet, but they can learn to intuitively grasp varying amounts with the help of scissors, play dough and a ruler. via Tots School

Threading toothpicks into a water bottle kept my two year old entertained for over an hour, I bet yours will love it too. via Kids Activities Blog

Create a cutting station. Use a bucket and tie a pair of scissors to it. Hopefully, kids will keep the scraps contained this way. via No Time for Flash Cards

Stretching rubber bands over a can is a great, simple motor skills activity that helps strengthen developing hands.  via Hands On As We Grow

Encourage your kids to contribute and clean with some of these tips. via Kids Activities Blog 

Cleaning is more fun when you have the right tools. Create a batch of Lemonade vinegar is a kid-friendly, yummy smelling, cleaning solution and one of our favorite kitchen cleaning hacks. via Kids Activities Blog

80+ activities for 2 year olds
Oh so many ways for toddlers to play!

More Kids Activities for 2 year olds

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