9 Christmas Math Activities – No Time For Flash Cards

I love math, well, teaching it, not so much doing it. Like so many children I fell into the pit of hating math. As a teacher, I have been determined to set a positive foundation for my students. Math is fun! Here are some fun Christmas math activities for children that help make math enjoyable while teaching important concepts too.


9 Christmas Math Activities For Preschool & Kindergarten

Santa Roll & Cover 
This is always a hit and if you are wary about the mini marshmallows, just grab some cotton balls or white buttons!

Shape Wreath
Manipulate and learn more about shapes as you make this simple holiday wreath.

gingerbread man circle time

Gingerbread Man Shape Sorting 
This free printable circle time activity can be used at home, during free choice, over zoom, or in-person circle time too.

Counting Christmas Tree
Match the colors or the numbers ( or both) with this counting Christmas tree!

Gingerbread Man Math Tray
Work on fine motor skills while also working on one to one correspondence with this Christmas math activity.

easy christmas tree craft

Shape Christmas Tree
How simple and how CUTE? Shapes are best learned by touching, twisting, and creating with them.

Measure An Elf
Measure these elves with some mini erasers ( or buttons!) and then count to see how many mini-erasers tall they are!

Christmas Math Mats 
These free printables can be laminated and used with playdough or with mini erasers as we did.

Christmas activities for toddlers

Shape Gingerbread Men
This is the simplest craft, but I do it every year because not only do children love it, it’s a wide-open activity that allows children to be creative and get hands-on with shapes.


Need more Christmas ideas?

If you want more Christmas activities, including crafts, free choice activities, and circle time lesson plans, Check out my Gingerbread Friends Mini-Unit  in my teacher shop.


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