A Different Kind of Magic

I’ve had this blog for about 6 years and have loved (mostly) every second of it. However, you might have noticed that my posting has become quite irregular. For the past year I have been struggling to come up with new content as it relates to this site. The term Working Mom Magic has taken on a new meaning for me, but I’ve been concerned those topics might not be things my core readership wanted to see. However, I have been staying true to myself and the content I want to create on Instagram, and it seems like many of you are interested in a different kind of magic as well.

When I started this site, it was at the urging of friends who were always asking my how I juggled a full time job while doing fun crafts and activities with my kids. So I wrote about it. And I loved it. However as my kids have gotten a bit older (they are 10 and 6) I have been very intentional about what I put on my site about them. They really didn’t like doing photos shoots anymore and I felt bad making them do it.

Also, I’ve changed. A few years ago I started looking for what REALLY makes me happy. I realized I wanted more flexibility with my job and more time with my kids. That ultimately led to my decision to leave my career in TV News and start fresh in Public Relations. It was the BEST decision I have ever made and the changes kind of snowballed from there. After leaving that job I realized I could really do anything. If I can create a job I enjoy while also being with my kids more, what’s next?

A different kind of magic. 

I have always loved self-help books, especially as it pertains to happiness and gratitude. Over the past two years I have become obsessed with reading books about healthy ways of eating and the chemicals that surround us. Now these are the topics my friends ask my advice on. They are curious about my meditation practice, how I eat, why I sage my home and love crystals.

It made me realize that I don’t need to start a totally new blog. I can just give this one, a bit of a makeover. What does this mean? My focus will now be on YOU. How you can live a happier life. Where to start when it comes to getting toxic chemicals out of your home. How stress management and spirituality plays a role in our health. Natural beauty products. Healthy meals.

I truly feel like these small life changes have made me a better mom, wife and person overall. I am still working on myself every day but I feel like I have learned so much, I want to share it. It’s that simple. A different kind of magic.

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