A Driving Christmas Light Tour of Walnut Creek and Concord

My sister lives in Concord where 771 Terrapin Court is wowing the neighborhood with an epic Christmas Lights display: Minions and Star Wars characters are stealing the show, but it’s the massive scale that you don’t want to miss.

771 Terrapin Court | Photo: Leslie Moss

To make it worth the drive, here is a tour of 11 spots in the Walnut Creek area to check out, recommended by Diana Zink, Founder and CEO of DreamList.com, an online wishlist platform for experience and charitable gifts.

“In some areas, the houses around the milestone house were great as well,” she reported, “so milestone houses really mark a decorated area, especially in Concord.”

Addresses for Best Christmas Lights in Walnut Creek and Concord

Christmas Lights Map of Walnut Creek

Diana had been bookmarking holiday ideas for her own family when she saw a Christmas Lights maps shared in the comment of a local Facebook group discussion. She did the drive with her own family, and took photos of the marked houses, as well as the many more worthwhile ones in the surrounding neighborhoods.


To open the map on your phone >>

Photo: Diana Zink

“All of us are trying to rescue this holiday season for our kids and for the many many families out there struggling in the pandemic. When our neighbors went all-out to raise the spirits of the Bay Area, with their light display, the least we could do was make sure their work does not go unnoticed.”

Diana also reminds us that some of the houses host donation boxes in the front, so please say “thank you” whenever you can.

Christmas Lights in Concord
Photo: Diana Zink

Visit DreamList.com to learn how DreamListers can add any item from the web, including more meaningful gift ideas, such as experiences, items from any local store, donations, larger purchases for partial contributions by loved ones over time. Many this year are using DreamList to direct goodwill to families and children in need directly from their own lists or list collections. 

Want more? We’ve rounded up all the best Christmas Lights in Oakland.


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