Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Review

Adiri has a new version called Adiri NxGen Nurser. We have not tested it to date but have linked the this more recent version in Amazon. In 5.5 and 9.5 ounces, flow can be adjusted as baby grows with interchangeable nipples in newborn, slow medium, and fast flows. Still with a bottom vented, one-way Petal valve design and made of soft medical grade silicone to mimic mother’s nipple, it is pricey at $15. There still seem to be problems with leakage per user reviews although this may be user dependent as this bottle tends to have quirks.

The Adiri Nurser is designed to be a simple-to-fill bottle that mimics mom’s breast. In our areas of testing we found neither of these to be true. You fill this bottle by turning it upside down. That’s right, nipple down. This however, cannot be done without the awkward fitting cap on first. We tried it without it, and the milk drips out nearly as fast as you can fill it. Cap on, we still had a few leaking episodes if the nipple wasn’t squarely in the cap.

adiri natural nurser ultimate baby bottle review - adiri's little clear "petal valve".  one reason it was susceptible...
Adiri’s little clear “petal valve”. One reason it was susceptible to leaking.

Credit: Lindsay Ellis

Next, screw the other cap on the bottom, flip it over and the anti-colic “petal valve” provides another opportunity for leaking. We even came back once to find milk had slowly leaked out the bottom and all over our counter! Once we got it to stop leaking, our little tester did not appreciate the small, very firm nipple. It just didn’t provide a good latch.


Durable and a soft, comfortable hold for parent or baby. It was also pretty easy to wash, minus the tiny, clear “petal valve” which could disappear rather easily.


Leaking out of both ends is never a good thing. We didn’t feel like the “petal valve” kept any less air out of baby’s belly. The over-sized cap performed it’s duty part of the time, but it didn’t go on very smoothly or give us that confident “locked” feel.


An interesting upside-down concept that fails to produce. If you’re looking for a bottle that’s modern looking and more-like-mom, we say spend a couple more bucks and go for the Comotomo Natural Feel.

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