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The best pogo sticks for kids are excellent energy-burners (especially for youngsters who complain about being bored all summer). Kids absolutely love to get their jump on, whether it’s on a backyard trampoline or in a bouncy house. And like the humble jump rope,  a pogo stick might seem like another throwback toy from yesteryear that maybe modern kids would rather leave in the past. But pogo sticks are rebranding, and much like skateboards or scooters (or rather, the 2021 versions known as hoverboards and e-scooters,) they’ve become their own little vehicle for extreme sports. Kids are doing flips and tricks (perhaps it’s time for a new helmet?) and setting insane bounce goals like 1,000 in a row without falling. And since pogo sticks actually tone most of your major muscle groups and build balance all while giving you a cardiovascular workout, we really can’t say enough good things about them. 

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Finding the best pogo sticks for your kids comes down to finding a stick made for your kid’s skill level and weight — then it’s up to them to really figure out how it works. The beauty of mastering the pogo stick is much like learning to ride a bike; finding that perfect balance feels impossible at first and it’s hard to believe that people do this for fun. But also like riding a bike, once they figure it out, muscle memory takes over and they can bask in the glory (and confidence) of acquiring a fun, new skill. 

So let’s jump feet first into our list of the best pogo sticks for kids. And don’t worry, there are a few sprinkled in here that can support adults, too. 

Best Pogo Sticks For Kids

For ages 3 and up, this durable foam pogo stick is great for young kids starting out, but with a max weight of up to 250 lbs, novice adults can use it, too! Each jump makes a little squeak sound, and it’s soft enough that it can be used indoors on rainy days. (Psst! If you can’t stand the thought of another noisy toy, a resourceful parent found a way to remove the squeaker.) It comes in 13 other color and character options, including pink princess and Paw Patrol.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

For kids ages 5-10 (or between 40-90 lbs) this Aero Advantages pogo stick has non-slip pedals, a safety foam handle, and a low friction spring for a smooth, high bounce. One Amazon customer said it “offered a little challenge but not so much that it was frustrating,” which sounds like the perfect toy for building confidence.

$39.95 AT AMAZON

For ages 9 and up, this Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick has foam-covered grips and frame for safety, plus a wider stance bounce tip for more stability. The non-slip footpegs mean your kid can easily attempt a trick or two without losing balance, and it comes in five color options for them to choose from.

$49.00 AT AMAZON

Designed for smaller kids (between 40 and 80 lbs) who are beginner or intermediate bouncers, this easy-grip pogo stick comes in seven fun colors and has a wide, stable stance so your kid can build confidence with every bounce. One Amazon customer said their 9-year-old grandchild “had a blast and within 24 hours was up to 545 consecutive bounces,” so looks like there’s a new high score to beat!

$42.99 AT AMAZON

For kids ready to jump into pogo sticks for the first time, The Flybar Foam Maverick is a top pick for bouncers between 40 and 80 lbs. The textured footpegs prevent your kid from slipping off, and the fully enclosed spring is surrounded by a foam-wrapped metal frame, protecting both the stick and your kid from those inevitable spills.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

With cushy foam grips and a fully encased metal spring, this pogo stick is made for beginners still learning the basics. The 36-inch tall JR pogo is for kids between 50 and 90 lbs, and each footpeg is 4 inches wide, giving those little feet plenty of space for a comfortable bouncing experience.

$44.99 AT AMAZON

For bigger kids who are still new to pogo-ing, this New Bounce Pro Sport Edition has easy-grip precision-made foam handles and frame and a wide stance for easy bouncing. Made for kids weighing between 80 and 160 lbs, it comes in 7 fun color options and has replaceable non-slip foot pads for extra stability on those rough landings.

$48.99 AT AMAZON

For big kids looking for a stick that can handle some serious tricks, this super pogo is made of heavy metal with reinforced injected-molded clamps and steps. The wide stance footpegs have grip tape for full control of whatever bounce you throw its way, and the classic black and chrome finish is legitimately badass. But this is definitely for bigger kids and adults weighing between 120-210 lbs, so little ones need not apply.

$129.99 AT AMAZON

If you want to keep it classic, this high Bounce Pogo Stick Jumper can be used either indoors or outdoors, has an adjustable height between 40-45 inches, and is made for kids weighing between 70-110 lbs. It comes fully assembled, which means one less headache for you, and the handles are adjustable so your kids can find their perfect grip.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

If your kid’s bouncing skillz puts them into the intermediate or advanced category (and they weigh between 80-160 lbs), then this Flybar Foam Master 2.0 is a no-brainer. The wider tip provides a more stable bounce, and the non-slip textured footpegs are centered for easier balance. The pink and green neon combo is the perfect 90s throwback, but there are three other color options available, too.

$69.99 AT AMAZON

If you need a pogo stick that can handle a beating, the New Bounce Ultimate Pogo Stick ranks high for durability. Made for kids weighing between 80-160 lbs, this stick has soft padded handles with silicone coating for an easy, blister-free grip. Plus, the wider stance is designed to provide more stability, which makes for a higher bounce.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

For kids between 40 and 80 lbs, the Flybar Propel Pogo Stick is perfect for newbie bouncers. The durable rubber handles are textured and ergonomically designed for a safe grip, and the non-slip footpegs have deep grooves for added traction. The spring is fully enclosed for safe jumping and the graphic heart print with teal accents wins all the style points. Plus, it’s fully assembled, so they can get right to jumping.


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