Celebrate Spring With These 20 Bright and Colorful Spring Art Projects

These spring art projects will get your kids so excited for this warmer season. Toss out the sweaters and jackets, rain and fresh flowers are here!  

I love the pastel colors that represent Spring and they are the perfect shades for creating art.

Spring Art Projects For Kids

Spring is definitely a season worth celebrating. Everything that was cold and bare now becomes warm and full of life!

Leaves are green, the grass grows softs, and there are flowers everywhere! So why not celebrate it with these super fun spring art projects. Your kids will love them and it is a fun way to spend time with each other.

20 Spring Arts and Crafts

spring coloring pages that include a spring coloring sheet, mushrooms, flowers, and a garden gnome

Spring Coloring Pages

If you’re looking to keep it simple, try printing these fun spring coloring pages for your kids to color. They have plants, butterflies, garden gnomes, and more!

Dinosaur Egg Craft Preschool Kids Will Love

Check out this dinosaur egg craft preschool kids will love! Cover a paper mache egg with tissue paper for a fun afternoon craft. This is a bright and colorful craft which makes it a great spring craft. From Mama Pea Pod.

Egg Painting

What else is in Spring? Easter! Make an Easter egg painting by dipping pom poms into paint and pressing them on your paper in the shape of an egg.   From Sassy Dealz.

Spring Art Projects For Kindergarteners

Looking for some spring art projects for kindergarteners? You’ll love this! Create three dimensional spring art by using things like shredded green paper for grass.  From Dabblingmomma.

Baby Chick Craft

You know what else spring is filled with? Baby animals! Which is why this baby chick craft is great for spring! Use your hands dipped in yellow paint for the wings of a spring chicken.

Egg Stamp

Have leftover plastic eggs from Easter? Use your leftover plastic eggs as stamps for painting. This egg stamp project is a super cute and easy craft. For more a spring feel use pastel colors!  From Buggy and Buddy.

preschool easter chick craft

Carrot Painting

This adorable carrot painting uses your fingers dipped in orange paint to create a carrot. This is a cute spring art project for kids that could easily teach about things growing in the spring or be a fun Easter craft since the Easter bunny loves carrots! From Sassy Dealz.

Jelly Bean Art

Did you know you can make jelly bean art? Use jelly beans sprayed with water to create paint. It doesn’t make anything opaque, rather, it looks like water paints. It is a great way to use those leftover jelly beans. From Housing a Forest.

Spring Painting

Make an awesome spring painting using toys! Run your little wind up toy chicks and ducks through paint and onto paper for this fun art project from Fun Family Crafts. 

Carrot Art

More carrot art! Use a footprint to form a carrot from Fun Handprint and Footprint Art. The cool thing is, this can be saved as a keepsake as well!

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Nothing says spring like flowers! You can make some fun indoor flowers with colorful pipe cleaners. These pipe cleaner flowers is a great craft even for younger kids.

Carrot Craft

This carrot craft could be another keepsake! Dip your knuckles in orange paint for the perfect carrot pattern. From Housing a Forrest.

Easy pipe cleaner flowers craft for kids - girl holding a pipe cleaner flower bouquet she made

Tulip Painting

This is so cool. Use a plastic fork to make a tulip painting! This is a great way to reuse plastic forks (that have been washed). Paint the perfect tulips. From Blog Me Mom.

Cherry Blossom Painting

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. This cherry blossom painting is equally as beautiful and it lets you recycle! Use the bottom of a soda bottle to paint pretty pink cherry blossoms.  From Alpha Mom.

Chicken Cork Art

Keep those wine corks! You can use them to make chicken cork art. Paint a few yellow chicks using a wine cork and add orange construction paper noses.  From Sassy Dealz.

Easy Duck Painting

Your kids, including toddlers and preschoolers, will love this easy duck painting. Make a little duck family by painting rocks! This also pairs with the book 5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day. From Red Ted Art.

Spring Window Painting Ideas

Decorate your house with spring decor! Make a gorgeous faux stained glass from The Artful Parent. These spring window painting ideas will make any house bright and happy.

Flower Suncatcher

I love this flower suncatcher. But to be fair I love anything that has sparkles. Use sequins on sticky contact paper to make these suncatchers from No Time for Flash Cards.

Egg Carton Flower Wreath craft finished and hanging on the wall

Spring Art Projects For Children

Want more spring art projects for children? Here is another! Make this 3D vase filled with budding branches. Make a spring flower art with real sticks from Inner Child Fun.

Egg Carton Flowers

Save those cardboard egg cartons! You can use them to make bright and pretty egg carton flowers and then you can turn those flowers into a pretty egg wreath!

Looking For More Spring Crafts For Kids?

Cupcake Liner Daffodils, a fun spring craft using: yellow cup cake liners, buttons, and green and blue construction paper.

Try making these simple paper daffodils. All you need is cupcake liners, glue, buttons, and construction paper!

Looking for more spring crafts? Here is 300 spring and Easter crafts to choose from.

Break out your crayons and colored pencils! These spring flowers coloring pages are so cute!

Want more spring coloring pages? We have them!

This spring chick craft is super easy for even toddlers! It can also be a keepsake as well.

Looking for more arts and crafts? We have over 800 arts and crafts ideas for you to choose from!

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