Dairy Queen Released A Cherry Dipped Cone

Mmmm…Dairy Queen Cherry Dipped Cone!

If it is red and edible, my kids will probably eat it. Red usually is some sort of berry flavor and I think kids love just about any flavored berry food, right?

Well, you should probably know that Dairy Queen Released A Cherry Dipped Cone and your inner child needs one.

I NEED a Cherry Dipped Ice Cream Cone!

What People are Saying about DQ Cherry Dipped Cone – Ice Cream!

Dairy Queen is known for their delicious dipped cones and last time it was the blue Cotton Candy Dipped Cone that caught our eye (and tastebuds) but this time it’s the glorious cherry red.

The cone made with the classic Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream then dipped in the delicious Cherry Red candy topping.

While the flavor has been available for some time, it hasn’t been available at all locations.

Where to get a DQ Cherry cone

Some locations have brought it for a limited time, while others never got rid of it. And now, more locations are beginning to serve it. People are just starting to find this flavor at their local Dairy Queen’s.

The best thing you can do now is call your local DQ and ask if they have this delicious, red colored dipped cone because you know you need it!

I imagine it looks something like this when it’s made:

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