DIY Easter Baskets Fillers (that don’t come from a store)

Are you looking for Easter Basket Fillers for Easter this year?   While we have a great list of unique Easter Basket Stuffers, today’s post is all about DIY Easter gifts!

DIY Easter basket gift ideas

Are you looking for some DIY Easter Basket ideas that don’t involve running to the store or ordering gifts online?

You can make some amazing gifts at home that your family will love.  It’s a great year to be intentional about what Easter Basket Stuffers our kids are going to receive.

Have fun creating gifts that will put a smile on your child’s face on Easter morning, while giving them activities to keep them entertained for days!

DIY Easter Baskets Fillers…  that don’t come from a store.

A close up of Easter basket fillers.

Remember that the best gifts are actually non-toy gifts!   Experiences matter so much more than toys.  They create memories and that’s what a child truly needs… time with the people who love them.

Whether you are putting together adult Easter Baskets or if you need Easter Basket Ideas for boys or girls – these ideas will work.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas

crayon roll up craft

If you have time to make gifts, check out these DIY Easter Basket Fillers!

I found some of the most adorable homemade kid gifts and put them in one place for you!

There are ideas for kids from slime-filled mason jars that look like bunnies to an adorable bunny basket that holds their pens and pencils.  You’ll find homemade dollhouse furniture, dish-towel aprons, hot-glue projects, fresh flowers with a gift idea, and even a few Easter gifts for adults.   I hope that you find some great Easter Basket ideas!

Homemade Easter Baskets Fillers (that don’t come from a store)

When you can’t make it to the store, but you still want to give your children a fun gift to open, these are perfect. I actually love them more than a store-bought gift, because they were made.

Every homemade gift is a gift to be cherished because it took thought, planning, time, and effort to make it. What a great way to show someone that you love them!

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