Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for Kids’ Food Mess — Fortified Family

I read up on the different ways you can use Branch Basics Oxygen Boost + the concentrate in the dishwasher (this blog post by the brand is AMAZING for dishwashing info) and so I trialed two separate approaches:

First I did a scoop of the Oxygen Boost in the soap dispenser and topped it off with 2 teaspoons of the concentrate.

My second intervention was a scoop of Oxygen Boost in the soap dispenser but then sprinkling the top rack of dirty dishes with 2 teaspoons of concentrate mixed with 1 cup of water to make a soapy water.

This felt weird and to be honest the results were not as great as the concentrate in the dispenser.

But the concentrate in the dispenser: worked like a charm and solved my pod problem. My husband’s only complaint was that the dishes don’t “smell” clean (FTR they don’t “smell” dirty either) – and a friendly reminder that it’s the caustic chemicals in the traditional cleaners that convey that “clean” smell we have been conditioned to expect.

I for one am happy to forego that “fresh clean” smell in place of non-toxic, clean dishes. It’s like someone cleaned my dishes and then Windexed them for no streaks…you know, without the Windex chemicals.

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