Favorite Portable High Chairs for Feeding on the Go — Fortified Family

If you’re taking your show on the road, you might be wondering how baby-led weaning works when you’re traveling or out of your regular routine.

Food is pretty easy because your baby has a lot more options with BLW than traditional spoon-feeding.

One of the benefits of a baby-led approach to starting solids is that babies learn to eat modified versions of the same foods the rest of the family is eating.

So, because you don’t have to purchase and pack all sorts of baby-food, I think it’s actually easier to do BLW than traditional spoon-feeding on vacation or trips.

…but what about the chair?

Choosing a safe seat for your baby to eat is hard enough when you’re at home, but safety also matters when you’re at home.

Here are a few of my favorite portable booster chairs that might work for you when you’re feeding away from home.

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