Gingerbread Math Game – Free Printable

I used these gumdrops for a simple engineering activity with my students. It was a totally free process focused activity where they build structures with these gumdrops and toothpicks. It’s a great activity because it brings together multiple skills to build and the novelty of using candy to build gets everyone excited. I love using treats from time to time, and you may be surprised to find out it’s rare ( at least in a class) for the child to eat instead of build. All of this said, please make sure you are familiar with your students and their family situation before using food in an activity. For a non-food engineering activity, try this one! The same thing for this gingerbread math game, if using candy is inappropriate for your students, use buttons, pom poms, or bingo chips!

Gingerbread Math Game

Gather your materials. You will need some gumdrops, this printable gingerbread house, a tray, and dice.  For younger kids, use one die. For older kids, get them doing some addition or subtraction with two.

How you play is simple, you roll the dice and add that many gumdrops to the red dots on the game board. Roll a 6? Add six. See it in action on my Instagram.

That’s it.

Keep going. If your child needs more dots, add them or place gumdrops where ever you choose. Gingerbread houses can never have too much candy!


Download the gingerbread math game printable FREE here.


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