Give Your Grill a Mega Heat Boost with Lava Rocks

Grilling is one of the oldest forms of cookery and has been a tradition in many families across the world. No matter the occasion it is a great way to BBQ some savory snacks and spends time with your loved ones. While there are several ways to grill, cooking on hot rocks has been gaining popularity as it offers many advantages. It may not be a direct substitute for your gas burner but it can surely boost your gas burner. Carnivore Style share three important reasons why gas grills don’t use lava rocks anymore.

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Give Your Grill a Mega Heat Boost with Lava Rocks

With different types of food available such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, and you can even add some vegetables to the mix. Barbequing with lava rocks helps you grill your food more efficiently and also offers a healthy eating lifestyle. Whether you have an old grill or a new one, adding lava rocks to your burner will help you retain more heat under the surface. So the next time you decide to throw a BBQ party, consider using lava rocks to boost your gas burner. 

What is Lava Rocks and Why is it Good?

Originally rocks have been used and heated up to high temperatures over open fires to grill meat. Nowadays, with modern advancements, gas burners have become easier to cook and grill food. Charcoal is the most common rock that is found in households that helps in grilling. A great alternative to charcoal is lava rocks that is an added heat source in your burner. It is sourced from volcanic landscapes and able to remain hot for an hour. 

Barbequing food on the grill is a healthy and excellent way to good food. With different techniques to grill your food, lava rocks can help add some extra flavor in your smoky, juice meat over the flames. Lava rock is porous and lighter compared to other rocks which heat up quickly and equally distributes the heat. Another advantage is that the fat or grease that drips from your meat onto to the rocks will give your food a distinctive smoked or charred aroma which is quite yummy.

Unlike a charcoal grill, where live coals hold their heat for long, lava rocks heated by a gas flame can be tamed at any point, retaining the unique flavors of each dish.

Benefits of Using Lava Rocks 

When it comes to barbequing with lava rocks it can be extremely beneficial for you. It helps keep your calorie in check as it does not require any oil or fats to burn. The naturally occurring fats in the meat can help retain fire more. By using lava rocks in your burner it can lead to a lighter and healthier way of eating.

Lava rocks are extremely helpful when it comes to BBQ. If you have an older grill and you struggle to maintain the heat or takes time to preheat your grill, lava rocks can fill that void. Lava rock basically acts as a burner booster that equally distributes the heat. This rock trick will help you cook your meat evenly and boost the heat source of your burner. Lava rocks are great for the environment and at the same time, they will help you save money on gas. 

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If you love hosting a BBQ and spending time grilling all sorts of juicy snacks, cooking your meat perfectly is satisfying. The newer burner often is equipped with all the necessary functions that help you cook evenly, Whereas the older burners sometimes just need a bit of boost. The porousness of the lava rock helps in distributing the heat evenly and also cooks your meat perfectly, be it a steak or hamburgers. Because they are hardened lava, they have the capacity to retain heat very well. 

  • The flavors are fantastic

As you know, lava rocks are excellent retainers of heat that help you cook your food evenly. But they also help add in some smoky flavor that enhances the juices in your meat. For example, charcoal or wood BBQ also creates a smokiness flavor but it often overpowers your dish. While lava rocks in fact ensure the naturally occurring taste remains in your meat. It also works the same with vegetables when grilled over lava rocks.

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  • Lava rocks are easy to maintain

When it comes to maintaining lava rocks, they are very to maintain and require little to no cleaning. Lava rocks are volcanic rocks and due to their porous properties, they soak up everything that touches them. So when it comes to cleaning, all you need to do is burn up the rocks as you would while cooking which will clear all the germs and debris into flames. Anything that drips down to the rocks they are instantly cauterized so even though the rocks get dirty, they don’t cause concern for food safety. You can simply turn the rocks over after every meal so that you get a clean porous when you turn up your grill again

Lava rocks offer many advantages compared to charcoal or wood, these rocks will help you grill better and evenly which is satisfying and delicious. Exchanging your old burner for a new one can be difficult so considering a mega heat boost is a great idea to keep the old burner firing strong.

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