How to Make Easy Ribbon Flowers

If you have seen those lovely ribbon flowers that decorate almost anything but didn’t know how to make them, you are in the right place!

We are making super easy ribbon flowers today.

What I love about this simple ribbon craft is that choosing a different color/pattern of ribbon can completely change the look of the ribbon flower even though the easy technique is the same.

Choose a ribbon and let’s make a ribbon flower…it is easy! I promise!

How to Make Ribbon Flowers

According to my seven-year old, this technique for making ribbon flowers is the easiest ribbon flower you can make.  I will take that as an endorsement of this simple ribbon flower technique!

This article includes affiliate links.  The ribbon shown in the pictures were a gift from from Hairbow Supplies Etc.

Supplies Needed to Make Ribbon Flowers

  • Ribbon – here are some of our favorites 
    • Simple, solid ribbon set colors in blue, green, rose, yellow, pink, mustard, light pink, nude, light blue and orange
    • Check out this ribbon set with pattern assortment that has daisies, butterflies, roses and more
    • This fringe fabric chiffon silk-like ribbon makes the coolest fringy ribbon flowers
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • (Optional) Embellishments to add to the ribbon flower

You will need roughly 1 foot of ribbon for each flower, less for a smaller flower (more if your ribbon is thick).

how to make ribbon flowers - easy steps - make loose stitches on one side of the ribbon, then pull thread to tighten and wind gathers into flower shapes and secure
Loosely stitch, pull to gather, rotate to form a ribbon flower and then secure in place!

Steps to Make Easy Ribbon Flowers

  1. Using your needle and thread, sew along one edge of the ribbon with a very loose stitch.
  2. Then pull the strings to gather the ribbon into bunches.  
  3. Swirl the ribbon until it makes a “flower”.  
  4. We knotted the strings together after the flower was formed, then hot glued the flower to a “backing” to keep it in a “flower” shape.
  5. (Optional) Attach the flower to a hair clip.
Assortment of finished ribbon flowers with different types of embellishments like pearls, diamonds and more - all bright colors
Look at all the pretty finished ribbon flowers! You can add embellishments for more fun…

Finished Ribbon Flowers

You can use your ribbon flowers to mix and match on our easy DIY headband.  It is the CUTEST!!!  You can make this headband and then easily swap out the flowers and is perfect for the girl who changes her mind!

If you would prefer to buy ribbon flowers instead of make them, we found these really cute options that aren’t very expensive:

Display all your ribbon flowers by creating a hair bow display and attaching them so everyone can see!

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How did your ribbon flowers turn out?  Did you make a 100 ribbon flowers because it was so easy & fun?

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