It’s Ham at Home this Easter for Us! — Fortified Family

At our house, we have 7 kids age 5 and under, and holidays are SUPER important to our little people. 

They’re used to big, raucous weekly family dinners, and holidays are over the top too!

We live near 4 of my 5 siblings…plus my parents, who – with their 19 grandkids all nearby – are always getting together for meals. And let’s just say, our group makes for loud fun, family dinners.

My parents usually host Easter dinner, so I was a little nervous having to do it by myself this year with the quarantine in place and required social distancing for safety.

But, as with much of the chaos surrounding COVID-19, I’m trying to find the silver lining and am looking for the positive things: like an opportunity to try out new holiday traditions with my husband and our kids.

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