Jingle Bell Painting – Easy Ornament Craft

This easy ornament craft is a fun way to make painting and crafting multisensory and get some energy out. I use a pretty small box, but with younger kids, I encourage you to use bigger ones or even a box with a lid where they can shake the heck out of it without jingle bells flying all over. Of course, this idea doesn’t have to be saved only for making ornaments. There are so many fun ways to paint with jingle bells. My favorite? Get a huge box and make some wrapping paper!

Easy Ornament Craft

Want to watch a video of how I did this? Check out my Instagram! 

Gather your materials. You will need some liquid paint, some card stock, a marker, some ribbon, scissors, a box, and some jingle bells.

Start by making some designs on the card stock with the marker. I did this, but the children can totally do this step!

Pop it in the box.

Add a little paint. If you add too much, the bells won’t roll.

Add the bells and shake.

Let dry and repeat with a new design.

After they are dry, poke a hole in them and cut them out.

Add ribbon

Hang this easy ornament craft on the tree! These make cute gift tags too.


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Christmas Picture Books for Kids

When Christmas Feels Like Home

When Christmas Feels Like Home by Gretchen Griffith made me cry, this book is a touching story about a little boy who immigrates to the US in the fall. As Christmas approaches, he slowly feels more and more like he is home. Finally, as he opens Christmas ornaments, he finally feels at home. Immigrating is hard, especially when you don’t speak the language, and this book really captures that and so much more.  You can feel  Eduardo’s homesickness as you read. It’s an incredibly touching story. While I would say this is a Christmas book, it could be used 365 days a year.


Happy Christmas, Gemma by Sarah Hayes is a hidden gem. Baby Gemma’s preschool-age older brother narrates this story. Throughout this family’s preparations for and celebration of Christmas, he notes how he does what he should, and his baby sister does not.  She makes messes,  pulls the ornaments off the tree, has terrible table manners during Christmas dinner, and so much more! What makes this a gem in my mind is that no one ever corrects her. These are all age-appropriate behaviors, and the family is loving and accepting.

Perfect for families expecting a baby or with older siblings who like to boss younger ones around. They may need a reminder that babies are still learning, just like they are!


Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson is such a heartwarming story about friendship. Bear is hibernating, but his friends wake him up to celebrate Christmas. It’s not easy. First, Bear is super sleepy and wants nothing more than to cuddle back up and fall back to sleep. They get a tree, decorate it, hang their stockings, and sing carols. When all the other animals snuggle in and go to sleep, Bear stays up. He is busily making gifts for all his friends, and he is so busy he doesn’t even notice Santa coming and filling the stockings. He delights in the friendship, and when his friends present him with a lovely quilt, he snuggles under and goes back to sleep happy and filled with friendship. This is such a wonderful book; I love its focus on friendship and the excitement of giving gifts!

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