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A Little Bit of Soul Food is by one of my favorite kids’ food book authors Amy Wilson Sanger. If you’re not familiar with Sanger’s work, she is the creator of the popular World Snacks series of toddler books. These include “hola! Jalapeno”, “let’s nosh!”, “chaat and sweets” and “yum yum dim sum”.

My 2 year old twins loves these books because they are board books with colorful pictures. And they’re short 🙂

We just got A Little Bit of Soul Food and it’s cute and quick and rhyme-y and was originally written in 2004. It features traditional soul food staples like grits, gumbo, fried chicken, catfish, butterbeans, chitlins and collard greens.”

I love the last page, “Grandma says, Soul is good for you, just use a little lard, it’s ok if we get messy when we’re eating in the yard!”

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