Lessons for Us and Our Toddlers Arising From the Pandemic

Lessons for Us and Our Toddlers Arising From the Pandemic:

One of the biggest questions that every parent has been asking themselves during the coronavirus pandemic is if our children are okay. There will be children who are old enough for this to have psychological repercussions throughout their lives. But then there are others who are younger, roughly between the ages of 3 and 5, who are old enough to comprehend slightly what is going on but in a few years or so this may very well be a memory. But we have to ask ourselves if we should be concerned about our children around this age and if this is going to have long-term negative impacts? Let’s show you what you can take from this period that has been a major upheaval for so many of us.

Their Education Won’t Be Severely Impacted

As opposed to children who are family in education and are having exams canceled, children that are so young they have either just started school or haven’t yet won’t be missing out on the education. In fact, this can be the perfect opportunity for you to instill some educational values that they can take with them to the classroom. It’s not an easy thing for any working parent to have to teach their child, but when they are young enough that they are partially self-sufficient you can start to get them interested in different approaches to learning. And this can be to your advantage. As there are so many fun ways to teach reading to your kids, you can use this opportunity to give them a few extra skills that you would like them to have but the school wouldn’t necessarily teach them. Because your children are young enough that they aren’t necessarily tied to a curriculum completely works in your favor. In reality, all you have to worry about is keeping them fed, happy, and loved.

The Opportunity To Spend More Time With Your Children

If you are worried about the impacts of staying at home on your children, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth. The reality of the situation is that you are spending a lot more time with your children than you would have if they were in school and you were in the office. And this is something that you will not get back. We are living in unprecedented times and this can be the opportunity to spend more time with your children so you can become more in tune with each other. Yes, there will be times when cabin fever gets on top of anybody, but this is when you can take them out for a walk. This opportunity to spend more time with your children can be to your advantage when you have toddlers. It can give you a far better perspective of how they are outside of the home, either in an educational setting or in daycare. You may very well find that your child going to daycare causes issues at home because you don’t feel they are disciplining your child properly. And this time at home, however much of a pressure cooker it feels is the perfect opportunity to lay down the law and iron out these issues. If you are worried about your children’s mental health during the pandemic, the great thing is that if you are keeping them at home, you are keeping them safe. 

Learning To Manage Your Own Anxieties

If you are concerned about your children’s welfare and if they are missing out on certain things in life the benefit of them being so young is that they haven’t got the opportunity to see the big wide world. But you may very well be so anxious about what is going on that you unwittingly pass these anxieties onto your children. When we are so concerned about what is going on in the world, whether it’s about the vaccines or the latest death tolls, this compulsion to watch the news while our children are in the room can be something that can be detrimental to our children without us realizing it. While we all need to keep up to date with what is going on, the best thing to do is to keep the news away from your children. But it’s also important to keep the news away from you. Keeping it to a strict time period during the evening so you can keep up-to-date is the best approach. Watching too much news can cause anxiety at the best of times. Now we are in a pandemic and if we constantly see and hear about death, we may feel that we are able to keep our emotions in check, but we could very easily be showing anxieties that we aren’t consciously aware of.

Now Is the Time To Set Examples for Our Children

You will not spend this much time with your children at home ever again. It is time to turn this to your advantage. Granted, it’s not easy with work responsibilities, but you can now show your children how you look after the home and encourage your children to take part in maintaining the place. There’s going to be a lot more vacuuming needed, and if you’ve got young children who are more than happy to make a mess but do not clean up after themselves, now is the time to iron these issues out. But in addition to this, we can use this situation as the perfect opportunity to set the right example for our children. Our children will see us in a completely different light because we are spending more time at home with them. They are at a point where they are starting to learn a lot more and are at that key stage in their lives where they are learning what is right and what is wrong. But more importantly, they are still looking at us as the most important and heroic people they will ever meet. And if we can now use this opportunity to set examples for our children but also realize that now is the perfect opportunity to change our behaviors and learn how to not stress out, this will have a wide-ranging impact on our children’s lives. We are all struggling with anxieties but now is the perfect opportunity to learn how to unwind, how to manage our anxieties, but also use the current circumstances as a way to instill positive behaviors in us as well.

If you are worried about what the pandemic will do to your young children, you have to remember that they are at a point in their lives where they are only just learning how to make sense of everything around them. You don’t necessarily have to treat life like a game to make it fun for them because this is disguising the real issues, but you can learn to be age-appropriate, and also use this opportunity as a way to make significant changes in your life. As adults, we may very well not go through a period as difficult as this, and if we can now utilize this time to improve our own attitudes that also teach our children these important lessons in life, we won’t have to worry about the pandemic causing a lifetime of psychological issues to our children. So rather than worrying about how the pandemic is going to impact them, we should use this opportunity to give them the gift of developing resilience, but also make sure that we learn some valuable lessons as well.

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