Man Rides Rubber Ducky Down Flooded Street In Palm Springs [Video]

There are some things that when you see them, you kick yourself for not thinking of them first.

THIS is one of those things.

Yes, I said Palm Springs!

During recent flooding in Palm Springs, this guy decided that instead of staying inside and pouting about flooded streets, he’d jump in his rubber ducky and ride in style.

It’s literally the best thing ever.

Take a look!

[Video] Man Floats Down Palm Springs Flooded Streets

I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m so jealous of him right now I can’t even.

Like, literally can’t even.

No, just kidding.

I totally can even.

He’s brilliant, and hilarious, and I’m telling you right now…if ever I get the chance to do the same?

I’m doing it.

No wonder this video went viral…he’s living all of our dreams.

Note: The original video was removed by YT and this is another one.  We will try and keep on top of making sure we have something that shows this awesomeness.

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