Positive Connections With Students – No Time For Flash Cards

This is a simple idea that can have a big impact. During remote learning, due to COVID, personal connections are tougher to make. While allowed, I used many ways to connect with my students, including porch visits, but even outdoor masked visits are no longer permitted for many teachers. So how do we do this? One simple way is very old fashioned. The mail. Who doesn’t love getting mail? It makes you feel so special to get something, and this isn’t just a note; it’s an activity too. These postcards offer teachers a chance to make positive connections with students by saying hello, letting children know they are special, and providing a quick pre-writing activity. I made Christmas trees for my students because I teach at a church-affiliated school, but as I show in the tutorial, you can make any drawing for your students to color.

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How To Make Connect & Color Postcards

Gather your materials. You will need blank postcards ( I bought mine here), a sharpie, pen, and your students will need some crayons. Don’t forget the stamps!

Start by addressing the envelopes. Don’t forget to write a little note letting your students know the picture is for coloring.

Now it’s time to draw something your students can color.

I made Christmas trees for mine because, by the time I send them, it will be December.

Draw the tree.

Add lights or ornaments. These are here for a reason. I hope my students will carefully color them in, giving them some wonderful skill practice as they manipulate the crayon to color only in the little dots.

Add a stamp and pop it in the mail.

Making your students feel special and making positive connections with students doesn’t have to be expensive or insanely time-consuming, and we can do it from the safety of our homes.

When they get the postcard, they can color it!


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