Preschool Crafts – No Time For Flash Cards

There is a huge debate in the preschool world about crafts, but here is my opinion, they serve a purpose. Crafts aren’t art. Kids need to explore and create art freely with access to lots of materials and wide-open boundaries, where they focus on the process, not the product. That said, crafting is hugely beneficial when it’s added to a curriculum that includes ample opportunity to create and explore art. These preschool crafts work on fine motor development, skills like color and shape recognition and can help support other lessons at preschool. When done at home with a loving adult, it’s also a special together time. If you scroll back on my site, you’ll see my now teenager and I crafting together when he was just a toddler. That together time was priceless. Crafts aren’t art, but they aren’t the enemy either. Here are my favorite 35 preschool crafts that I have used at home and with students. It was very hard to choose just 35, so make sure you scroll through all our crafts for preschoolers here!

The best thing about these crafts is that they use everyday materials you may already have at home or in your classroom. For more everyday learning, check out my new book – Everyday Preschool! 


ocean themed preschool crafts


Paper Bag Jellyfish 

These paper bag jellyfish are a fun way to work on scissor skills with preschoolers. rainbow crafts for preschool

Heart Rainbow 

I can’t resist rainbows, and this one made from hearts gives children a chance to manipulate shapes while creating. Of course, there doesn’t have to be any rules about making a standard rainbow. My preschoolers rarely do!

nest craft for kids

Yarn Nest 

This was one of my first crafts that got noticed online. It’s a fun spring craft that helps support learning all about birds and nests.

mother's day craft for kids

Mother’s Day Bouquet Craft 

This is a simple craft that my preschoolers have absolutely loved every year I’ve done it with them. It’s so simple, but they get so into making something special for someone they love. Another idea that uses artificial flowers is this flower tray, great for fine motor development!

FRANKENSTEIN CRAFT toilet paper roll frankenstein craft for halloween


Paper Roll Frankenstien 

Have you seen this before? It went viral on Pinterest when I first shared it eons ago.

4th of July Mural 

I’m not sure this photo does this 4th of July craft justice. It’s stunning in person and a great family or class group project.

Rock Easter Eggs 

It’s worth getting acrylic paint just to make these. So cute! I have so many fun Easter crafts, but I think these might be my favorite.

Heart Family Portrait 


emotions lesson for preschool

Paper Plate Emotions Masks 

Learning about emotions and crafting mash together in this must-do an activity.

Coffee Filter Hearts 

Work on fine motor skills with this fun heart craft.

Shape Tree 

Use different colors of shapes based on the season you are in a while crafting. A bright green and pink one would be beautiful for springtime.

bug crafts for kids

Ladybug Craft

letter craft


Button Letter Craft 

This tactile letter activity is great for children just starting to notice the importance of letters, but it’s also great for children who need to work on fine motor skills. This means it’s great for everyone because they all need to work on them!

how to make a bird feeder


Milk Carton Bird Feeder 

I love doing this activity around Earth Day because it teaches children to care for their fellow animals while also learning about recycling.


Puffy Paint Pumpkin

I do this sensory focused craft every fall, and students love it. Of course, you could cut out faces and turn them into jack-o-lanterns too!

halloween craft

Masking Tape Mummy 

Are you getting sick of me extoling the wonders of fine motor skills? Well this craft does a wonderful job at making something fun for Halloween and working on those all important fine motor skills.

paper plate pig craft

Paper Plate Pig 

Pigs are rad. That’s all I have to say about this farm animal craft! 

Shape Nativity 

I teach at a church affiliated preschool and this craft is a favorite. Not only do we celebrate the origins of Christmas with it, we also learn more about how shapes work together to make different forms.

Family Portrait

Celebrate family with this fun and process focused craft.

Cork Love Bugs 

I guess we will need to have some wine so we can make these love bugs!

Snowglobe Snowman 

Who doesn’t love a snowman?

butterfly crafts

Paper Plate Butterfly

This is a great craft for using up the random craft supplies that gather every year!

valentine's day craft for kids

Paper Hug 

Hugs aren’t just for Valentine’s day. Send one to someone you love any time of year.

Marshmallow Rainbow 

Trust me they won’t eat them all.

preschool craft for spring snail

Matisse Inspired Snail 

The best way to learn about fine art is to make something!

fish craft for preschool

Paper Roll Fish Craft 

Save those tp rolls for crafts and make a whole school of fish!

Paper Plate Scarecrow 

Harvest time isn’t complete without a scarecrow!

Clothespin Dinosaur 

Dinosaur activities are always a hit with preschoolers and this one is no exception!

Squish Monsters 

I made these squish monsters over zoom with my preschoolers during virtual preschool and we all had a blast!

Puffy Paint Cookie Craft 

Yum. If you have time after making the pretend cookie you should bake some real ones together too.

Q-tip Painted Easter Eggs 

Simple and totally amazing.

february crafts for kindergarten

Hot Glue and Watercolor Hearts 

These are incredibly beautiful.

Shape Bulldozer 

This simple shape craft actually touches on many skills from scissor skills, shape recognition, counting, and pre-writing too!

Paper Plate Tree Frog 

I just think these guys are cute but they also support preschool science learning about life cycles!

kids craft

Toy Parachute 

I’m going to brag for a minute. Last year when my then 4th grader had to start learning virtually this got sent home for a STEM project. I was like, hmm I recognize that parachute!

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