Preschool Zoom Game – Hide & Seek!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw me get super excited about this game before I even played it with my preschoolers over zoom. I hope you also saw my follow up Instagram Live, where I shared how AWESOME it was with my multi-age preschool class. I had many people ask me how I made these printables for my preschool zoom game and others ask me for a link to download, so I decided to put together a free pack for you to download.

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 Zoom Game For Preschool & Kindergarten

Gather your materials. You will need these printables ( they are PDFs, so if you are tech-savvy you could also just save them and screen share to play). You will also need some super rad students who are hanging in there with you as you teach remotely. You will have to find these on your own because I’m not sharing mine. They are too amazing to share! I will share a link to where I bought my amazing Mouse puppet who has been a must for zoom preschool – find one for yourself here. 


I made 5 printables, each of shapes, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers 1-20, and three blank ones for you to personalize. Use what works for YOUR class. I plan to use this game pretty often and edit my PDFs, these freebies are not editable,, but I have included three printables with blank circles that you can write on. I hope they offer you a chance to see if the game is a hit with your students before investing time in making your own. Please note printers vary always make sure in print preview that the image won’t be cut off. My printer at home always works, but at school, I have to scale images often. Please do this before printing. I would hate for you to waste any ink!

How To Play This Zoom Game

Tell your students that you have a fun game to play today. Hide and Seek … they will look at you like you are nuts as some try to figure out how you are planning on doing this. I had one student look around his room like, hmm, where would I hide?

Explain that it’s not you or even them hiding. It’s a little mouse hiding behind shapes, letters, and numbers. They get to be the seekers and find where the mouse is. When they find him, they need to yell out the letter, number, or shape. You could also have children make the letter sound, yell out the color, or show the number of fingers of the number he is hiding behind.  There are so many ways to differentiate  this zoom game for your class.

Kindergarten teachers can use blank printables for sight words or more complicated math.

Keep playing – this game was so much fun. Hearing my students giggle was just what I needed.




Do you have a fun game that has been working well for your zoom classes? I’d love to hear about it. 


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