Printable Letter Recognition Activities – No Time For Flash Cards

Friends, I am giddy. I have been trying to develop fun interactive, IMAGINATIVE and printable letter recognition activities that are easy for parents to do with their children over the summer. This is what I came up with. My goal was to create something that taps into childrens’ need for play but still explicitly works on the skill of letter identification. Information is retained when it’s meaningful, and the experience of learning was enjoyable. That was my goal – create an activity pack with a goal in mind – and what could be more amazing than becoming a superhero? That also empowers parents by giving them tangible letter recognition exercises to explore their child in bite-size pieces.

May I present to you my newest printable pack … Letter Superhero Training Course. This printable training course takes letter superhero trainees ( the child) through all kinds of “training exercises” from sorting letters by colors ( printable letter cards are included), to make their name with playdough ( not included), to searching for missing letters, and saving the city from the letter monsters who are gobbling up all the letters! These printable letter recognition activities are all rooted in pretend play.

What’s included in this print at home 39-page pack:

  • 18 printable training exercise cards
  • directions for the child and directions for the adults.
  • all printables needed, including printable letter cards in both upper and lowercase letters
  • printable tracking sheet to track progress ( not perfection).
  • printable Letter Superhero Certificate

Here is a sneak peek at some of the printable letter recognition activities in this digital download:


Superhero Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching

Super Sorting by Letter Shapes

Save The City Customizable Letter Game

Super Name Activities Like Sorting


And Super Name Hunts!

Super Name Building

Super Letter Punch Cards

Defeat The Letter Monster Game – totally customizable for each Letter Superhero trainee you are teaching!


Not everything activity includes printables. There are gross motor letter hunts, and playdough too!

Adding a little pretend play into literacy is a wonderful way of making letter recognition practice a whole lot more fun.


Buy this fun and interactive pack of printable letter recognition activities and start learning NOW. This is a digital download. You will get the PDF and print it at home.


preschool math materials.


Please note that this pack prints BEST when you use the setting * fit to printable area.



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