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I can not wait for my students to start recording what the weather looks like at their house every day during our preschool weather unit with their printable weather journal. Preschool science can really stump some teachers, but it is one of my favorite areas of learning. Science in preschool and PreK is all about observing, data collection, asking big questions, and looking for the answers. In this case, asking “What’s the weather today?” finding out the answer by looking or, even better, GOING outside and then returning to record the answer in their weather journals.

In my in-person class, we check the weather when we are outside, but for my virtual group, we look out our windows, and one designated child gets to be our meteorologist, deciding what weather symbol I will add to our board. As we dive deeper into exploring weather as a thematic unit after spring break, this journal will be one of the activities sent home for them to do during asynchronous learning.  Of course, if your students are back in person, these printable weather journals can be in your writing or science center during the unit, and students can record the daily weather. I’ve included the weekend in the journal, and for teachers using this at school, this gives you a chance to talk about days your students attend school and days they do not.

The cover has a BIG space for little hands to try to write their name.

Each day has a medium-sized box to draw, or if the child is eager, write what the weather is that day. I have two weeks of data collection, but you can print as many days as you need.

This five-page printable is just $1.99 


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