Recap: New Pet Parent Webinar

Are you sad that you missed our free webinar: Tips for New Pet Parents? Fear not! We recorded the New Pet Parent Webinar for those who were too busy potty training to watch the first time.

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New Pet Parent Webinar and beyond

Questions? Answers.

In this webinar our panel of veterinary experts tackle the tough questions from new pet owners. But there’s always more to learn. Below are a few questions we heard from our viewers on the live broadcast, and our own resources to help answer some of these queries.

Question: How do I get my dog to stop nipping?

Answer: In this post, we look at seven puppy tips, including how to use toys to help curb puppy biting.

Question: How do I introduce my dog to my cat?

Answer: Look no further than this guide to safely introducing dogs and cats.

Question: How can I help my pets’ separation anxiety?

Answer: Whether it’s your dog or your kitty who needs help, we’ve got recommendations about separation anxiety.

Question: How do I potty train my new dog?

Answer: This is a tough one for any pet owner, especially in the cold. Check out our potty-training tips here.

Pet Parenting Tips from the Pros

Our panel also gives their top 3 new pet parent tips to help make welcoming your new furry family member as worry-free as it can possibly be. If you’re looking to start life with your pet on the right foot—or paw—you’ll want to check these out.

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