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In an age when everything is digital, perusing a list of the best robots for kids somehow seems a little retro, doesn’t it? Robot toys take me back to holidays in the late ’90s and early aughts when robot toys were all the rage. But like other technologies, robot toys have only gotten better and smarter since then. Robots are great toys for rainy days at home, especially for kids who can’t get enough of science. And if you kid loves Disney characters *and* robots, we have the perfect pick (just keep scrolling!).

If you’re shopping for a robot toy for a favorite kid in your life, you’ve come to the right spot. Below are our picks for the smartest, easiest to use, and most fun robots on the market.

Best Robot Toys for Kids

This Fisher-Price interactive robot is perfect for kids ages three to six. A learning tool with different play settings to analyze secret codes, this bot is a nice introduction to basic problem-solving.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

The REMOKING Robot Toy walks, sings, and dances and is easily controllable via touch induction. This bot comes with a recorder and can talk back to you for hours upon hours of fun. You can also easily shut it down by saying “Goodbye” or “Go to sleep.” (A great feature for parents who have had enough.)

$29.99 AT AMAZON

This pup is cute, but is more than meets the eye. Super smart and obedient, the SGILE Robot Dog winks, barks, follows commands, walks, and even dances. This is a must-have pet for kids who may not be able to have a real dog, or for kids who have dogs but can’t get enough!

$33.99 AT AMAZON

This sweet but remarkably intelligent robot is a kids’ favorite. It has the classic moving and recording features as well as a built-in coin bank that can teach kids the art of saving. With touch, voice, and remote control, operating a robot has never been simpler.

$63.99 AT AMAZON

Fetch is an entertaining little robot that, aptly named, can go fetch and help carry your stuff. An ideal companion for only children, this toy provides partner play for lonely days. For two kids or more, group features on Fetch bring infinite possibilities to boring afternoons.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

The Seckton building blocks robot gives kids an introduction to STEM and other types of problem solving. Ideal for children ages eight to twelve, this bot taps into interests from building and design to robot operations. Once your bot is built, you’ll be able to operate it with a remote control.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Best Remote Control Robot Toys

There will be no funny business in the presence of this programmable robot that comes with patrol mode. Your kids’ new security guard, this robot can walk freely around your house and avoid dangerous obstacles. When it’s off patrol duty, it can sing, dance, and let loose with some friendly conversation.

$53.99 AT AMAZON

You can’t have a list of robots and NOT include Wall-E. Especially if your kid is obsessed with Wall-E. This 9.5-inch high toy has a remote control that allows him to buzz around the house, forward and backward. He’s also got 20 different light and sounds that he makes that are just as adorable as you remembered from the movie.

$79.99 AT AMAZON

You know how elephants have great memory? Well this bot does, too! A great toy for children that love robots and animals, this smart elephant robot uses easy infrared control so your child can easily operate his or her new companion. With a classic bionic design, this smart elephant will provide endless good times.

$55.99 AT AMAZON

The YuanBo remote control robot dog is easy for children to give instructions to. With knowledge of normal dog commands like “sit” and “down” as well as some fun features such as “pushups” and “handstand,” this toy is a great learning tool for young kids who may want a real dog in the future.

$56.49 AT AMAZON

If your child can’t decide between a robot human and a robot dog, they don’t have to! This fun bionic set offers both. Operable by both a remote control and through gestures, this technological duo can do stunts you’ve never seen before.

$66.98 AT AMAZON

Best Smart Robot Toys

This fierce bot comes with three control methods and is programmable to suit all your deep dark robot-mastering desires. The Ruko Smart interactive robot is a master at dancing, storytelling, and maintaining lifelike conversations. It will make a great companion for your fav kid on the block.

$149.99 AT AMAZON

Calvin is an advanced remote-control robot that responds physically and verbally to every command. A wonderful gift for those who need a dancing, singing companion, this rhythmic robot is a fun introduction to programming.

$126.90 AT AMAZON

This soccer-themed robot toy is intended for children ages three and up. This robot plays music and dances which will get your kids interested in the joys of music from an early age! Cute and conversational, this little soccer ball will bring some laughter and activity to dull days at home.

$36.99 AT AMAZON

This toy doubles as piggy bank and a fully-operating robot. Playful, interactive, and intelligent, this remote-controlled robot is easy to operate and goes where you want it to. With surprisingly flexible movements and and an easily rechargeable USB cable feature, this robot brings hours of play and laughter. It can even carry small objects and snacks if you want to take a load off.

$43.99 AT AMAZON

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