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Typically summer and winter are the hardest on our hair because they tend to be the more extreme climates than fall or spring. And for me, summer tends to be harder on my hair than winter.

With the combination of swimming, being out in the sunlight, and taking more showers than usual due to all the sweating, my hair is prone to dryness, breakage, and dullness in the summertime. So there are a few things that I do regularly to make sure I do the best job I can to maintain the health of my hair throughout the beating that summer gives it.

One. If I swim, I always (without exception!) wash and condition my hair when I get out of the water. Sometimes it’s not immediate, but within the same day of swimming, I will shampoo and condition my hair to ensure I’m washing away the saltwater and other chemicals and then conditioning my hair to keep it strong and smooth.

Two. I never brush through wet hair from root to tip with a brush. I prefer a wide-tooth comb, or even just my fingertips, to comb through my hair when it’s wet. A brush is more likely to stretch and therefore snap any fragile strands! Start at the ends, and slowly brush down while moving the comb higher and higher with each swipe. This will work any knots out from the bottom making sure you aren’t snapping or breaking your hair.

Three. I often use a leave-in spray or a deep conditioner. I’m not terribly picky about my leave-in spray because so many of them are great and do the same thing. Anything from Pureology, It’s a 10, Virtue, Kerastase, Redken, or Amika are in my rotation. Obviously, as a beauty blogger, I have a lot of different products to grab from my cabinet. If you’re looking for a one-and-done leave-in spray, It’s the Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-in Spray. It smells delightful and makes my hair incredibly soft and conditioned. I use this on my daughter as well. (friendly warning: it can make your bathroom floor VERY slick, so be careful out there).

Four. I never use high heat from my blow dryer or hot tools. No sense in burning your hair if you don’t have to! Plus, the lower heat setting means you also won’t’ get as hot while you’re styling your hair!

Five. I use soft hair ties, large silk scrunchies, and sleep with a silk pillowcase. Ponytail breakage is a real heartbreaker because you know it could have been avoided. The Gimme Beauty hair ties are some of my favorites because they are very stretchy and strong, but don’t snag my hair.

Hopefully, some of these routines that I follow will help you also keep your hair in the best possible shape this summer!

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