The First Years Breastflow Review

Upon opening the Breastflow bottle, we were initially pleased by its robust appearance and wide-mouth design. The intriguing double nipple feature piqued our curiosity regarding its benefits for our baby. However, it soon became apparent that this nipple-in-nipple design only complicated our feeding experiences. The larger, softer outer nipple would collapse easily, resulting in a slight slip in the baby’s latch. Furthermore, we found it inconvenient and somewhat unhygienic that milk and food would become trapped between the two nipples, despite the manufacturer’s inclusion of built-in “milk-release tabs” meant to address this issue. Squeezing these tabs to allow the milk to drain back into the bottle proved to be a tedious and ineffective process.


On the positive side, we appreciated the sturdy construction of the bottle, which felt comfortable for our baby to hold. The wide mouth facilitated effortless filling and cleaning of the base. Leakages were not a concern either.


However, the drawbacks of the double nipple and the added effort required for cleaning and assembly overshadowed these positive aspects. The “milk release tabs” failed to live up to our expectations, as even after employing various techniques like tipping, tapping, and swishing, we couldn’t retrieve all the milk from between the nipples.

the first years breastflow baby bottle review - squeezing the "milk release tabs" on the breastflow.  they help a...


In conclusion, the Breastflow bottle introduced an unnecessary complexity with its nipple-in-nipple design. Although it offered leak-free performance and a reasonable price, the issue of trapped milk and food left an unpleasant impression. Consequently, we have decided to stick with simpler one-nipple designs for our baby’s feeding needs.

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