The Food Garden Formula – Successful Garden Design

I’m pleased to announce that there’s a brand *NEW* course that’s been added as a FREE bonus to all our Successful Garden Design courses.

Introducing the Food Garden Formula Course!

This course is designed to show you how you can create a really productive food growing garden AND have it look good!

There are 7 core video tutorials where I demonstrate how to design front and back gardens to incorporate fruit and vegetables. I also show how you can transform an existing garden quickly and easily.

Here’s a sample of the Food Garden Formula Course…

The course also includes inspiration galleries and some bonus videos to inspire you with your food-producing garden!

If you’d like to learn more in general about garden design, then check out my free online garden design classes (which include a discount at the end for a design course).

And remember, if you purchase any design course, you’ll get the Food Garden Formula included for FREE!



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