The Most Enchanting Harry Potter Magical Beasts Coloring Pages

Most kids I know love the Harry Potter book and movies; that’s why we have brand-new printable Harry Potter coloring pages for kids – or better said, our little wizards and witches! These coloring pages are special, though, as they feature magical beasts.

So grab your colored pencils, play your favorite Harry Potter movie, download these free printable Harry Potter coloring pages and get ready for some coloring fun!

These free Harry Potter coloring pages will bring magic into your day!

What are Harry Potter’s Magical Beasts?

In the Harry Potter universe, there are many different kinds of creatures: beasts, beings, spirits, and unknowns. There are many creatures to be found throughout the Harry Potter saga.

The magical beasts list is long, but here are some of our favorite ones:

  • The House Elf – immensely devoted and loyal to the one designated as their master.
  • The Mandrake – a magical and sentient plant that has a root that looks like a human.
  • The Unicorn – a white horse with a horn sticking out of its head and that possesses magical properties.
  • The Hippogriff – a creature that had the front legs, wings, and head of a giant eagle and the body, hind legs, and tail of a horse.
  • The Troll – a magical beast of prodigious strength and immense stupidity
  • The Werewolf – a human being who becomes an uncontrollable and deadly wolf upon the rising of the full moon.
  • The Phoenix – a large scarlet magical bird with red and gold plumage, along with a golden beak and talons, black eyes, and a long tail.
  • The Basilisk – a giant serpent, also known as the King of Serpents.
  • Dementor – creatures that feed on human happiness and is considered to be one of the foulest to inhabit the wizarding world.
  • Dragons – giant winged, fire-breathing reptilian beasts.
  • The Inferius – a dead body, reanimated by a Dark Wizard’s spell, similar to a zombie.
  • The Thestral – a breed of winged horse with a skeletal body, face with reptilian features, and wide, leathery wings that resemble a bat’s.

Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments!

Harry Potter birthday party ideas

Having a Harry Potter-themed party? Make it a special as you can! Your kiddos will love these Harry Potter birthday ideas for a magical party!

Butterbeer ice cream, chocolate frogs, cauldron cakes, Luna Lovegoods pudding, and cockroach clusters… They all sound so good! Harry Potter snacks are a hit every time!

Harry Potter toddler costume on a little boy holding a wand and the Maurader's map in front of a stone wall.
These magical Harry Potter inspired activities will keep your child happy and occupied for hours!

But wait, we are just getting started!

A cool group activity that doesn’t require much preparation is coloring pages! With this Harry Potter spells list coloring page set, your kids can pretend to be a wizard in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and use magic spells to open doors for one day.

Add a Hogwarts coloring page to your party for even more coloring fun!

Harry Potter coloring pages free printables

Printables are my favorite screen-free activity because they don’t require any preparation, and they can be done pretty much anywhere, even on a car ride!

These Harry Potter Magical Beasts coloring pages include:

  • one coloring page featuring an awesome Hippogriff
  • one coloring page featuring a magical Mandrake

Download here: 

magical beasts
Enjoy coloring a Hippogriff and a Mandrake with our fun Harry Potter Magical Beasts coloring pages!

Want more coloring fun? Check out these printable coloring pages for kids!


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