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Not a lot of people know this, but in addition to the work I do here at The Fortified Family, I’ve also taught college and university nutrition for nearly 15 years now!

Where I used to be able to do more teaching in person, with 7 small kids and running a full-time baby-feeding business, I have had to move all of my nutrition courses online. While I do miss teaching students in the face-to-face environment, thankfully nutrition is one subject matter that transfers really nicely to the online space.

Currently I teach nutrition online at 6 different colleges and universities throughout California, including my position as an Associate Clinical Professor of Nutrition at the University of California San Francisco School of Nursing.

I love teaching my future Nurse Practitioner as well as medical and dental students about nutrition, but at UCSF I also get an opportunity to publish research, write textbooks and communicate the nutrition work we are doing at the school to the larger public through collaborations with the University of California public affairs and media relations team.

Recently some of the journalists I work with published “The UCSF Guide to Healthy and Happy Eating” and I was delighted when they included my baby-led weaning work and ideas in the piece!

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