Toilet Paper Roll Train | Kids Will Have a BLAST with this Fun & Easy Craft!

Let’s make a toilet paper roll train craft today!

If you have a child who loves trains, this may be the absolutely perfect simple craft.  Kids of all ages love the simplicity of this train craft for kids and everything you need to make it is probably already in your recycling bin!

Let’s make a train craft!

Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft

This train is made from recycled materials, which makes it an inexpensive craft idea that’s good for the planet!

I love to make DIY toys that keep the kids busy long after the craft is through.

Train Craft that Becomes a Toy

I thought this might be a craft we made and displayed for a while, but I was wrong.  When we were done creating, my son made that train go choo-choo all throughout the house, for days!

He sat in the kitchen, making it travel around him for a while. His legs, tables, and chairs around the house became tunnels.

This was a craft activity that wound up becoming a toy that resonated with my three year old, inspiring hours of creative play!

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Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft - How to make a toilet paper roll train
Making a toilet paper roll train is easier than you might think!

Materials Needed to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Train

Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft Steps 1-4 to make a toilet paper roll train craft
Here are the simple steps to make a toilet paper roll train!

How to Make a Train out of Toilet Paper Rolls

  1. Paint your cardboard tubes various bright colors. Cut C-shapes out of one of the tubes to create both the top of the engine and caboose. Paint those accordingly. Also cut a C-shape out of the skinny cardboard tube and paint it the same color as the engine. The C-Shape tubes will arch nicely around the toilet paper roll.
  2. Once dry, hot glue the tops of the engine and caboose in place. Also, hot glue four plastic lids on each cardboard tube as the wheels of your train.
  3. Punch small holes into the four “corners” of each tube. These are your attachment points for the yarn. Cut the yarn to length.
  4. Weave the thread through one tube and another tube to attach two tubes together. Tie a knot. Continue the process until all of the cars of the train are connected.
Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft completed and boy playing with the finished train craft
Choo! Choo!

It’s time to play with our newly crafted train!

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 I can’t get enough of crafts that give every day things second life!

Hope you enjoyed making a toilet paper roll train!

Comment below with any craft ideas you have for toilet paper/ paper towel rolls!

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