Top 5 Best Baby Bottle Brushes

Best Overall Bottle Brush

OXO Tot Brush

OXO Tot Brush

OXO Tot Brush

  • Brush fits easily in stand for convenient, upright storage
  • Stand keeps countertops dry, has a pour spout and comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Combines soft bristles for gentle cleaning and firm ones for serious scrubbing
  • Soft, non-slip handle provides a firm grip, even when wet
  • Flexible neck for easy reach inside contoured bottles
  • Silicone detail cleaner flexes into tight spots on bottle nipples, sippy cups, breast pump parts and more
  • Ventilation holes help Nipple Cleaner dry quickly
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA, phthalate and PVC free

Material: Plastic | Nipple Brush: Yes


  • Effective
  • Durable
  • Nipple brush


  • Two-handed nipple brush removal
  • Bulky nipple brush

As a mom who has tried various bottle brushes, I must say that the OXO Tot Brush stands out as my absolute favorite. Its plastic wiggle bristles strike the perfect balance between softness and stiffness, allowing for a thorough scrub without causing water to splatter everywhere. I appreciate how the long handle, coated with rubber, helps me reach the bottom of taller bottles effortlessly. Plus, the convenience of being able to toss it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning is a huge bonus.

One standout feature of the OXO Tot Brush is its nylon bristles for the nipple cleaner. These bristles do an exceptional job of ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. I love how the nipple cleaner screws securely into the handle of the larger brush when not in use, preventing any chance of misplacing it. Additionally, the brush comes with a sturdy base, providing a convenient spot to rest it after all the bottles are squeaky clean.

I must mention that the OXO Tot Brush is made of plastic, which can raise concerns about health and environmental impact. While this is something we try to avoid, the superior functionality and performance of this brush outweigh these concerns for us. One minor inconvenience is that removing the nipple brush requires pressing a button and twisting the neck simultaneously, which can be a bit tricky to do with one hand. However, this aspect doesn’t outweigh the overall convenience and effectiveness of the brush.

Taking everything into account, the OXO Tot Brush has become our top choice for a bottle brush. Its exceptional cleaning ability, thoughtful design, and durability make it a reliable companion in our everyday baby care routine.

baby bottle brush - best overall bottle brush
The soft bristles of the OXO Tot Brush easily reached the far corners of the oddly shaped Tommee Tippee baby bottle.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford

Best Baby Bottle Brushes

Philips Avent Child Bottle Brush

Philips AVENT Baby Bottle and Nipple Brush

Philips Avent Baby Bottle Brush

  • Plastic
  • Effectively cleans bottles, nipples, and infant feeding equipment without scratching or damaging the materials
  • Curved brush head for easy cleaning of rounded or curved edges of baby bottles
  • Molded tip, at the end of the brush handle, cleans silicone nipples
  • Durable high density bristles for thorough cleaning to remove any milk residue from bottles
  • Dishwasher-safe and made of a BPA-free material


  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Good for narrow openings


  • Plastic
  • Subpar nipple cleaner

The Philips Avent Child Bottle Brush to be an incredibly useful tool. Its design may appear simplistic, but it proves to be highly effective. The brush features bristles on one side, reminiscent of a traditional dish scrubber. However, what sets it apart is the curved shape of the bristle tip, allowing for easy access to the bottom of narrow bottles. This one-sided design also helps direct any overspray towards the sink, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

The handle of the brush is ergonomically angled, providing a comfortable grip for efficient scrubbing. But what I find most attractive about this brush is its versatility. The bristles cover a sufficient surface area, making it suitable for more than just cleaning bottles. We have found it to be an excellent tool for general dishwashing as well.

It is worth noting that the Philips Avent Child Bottle Brush is made of plastic with nylon bristles. While these materials offer durability and longevity, I personally have reservations about using too much plastic. On the rear tip of the handle, there is a textured nipple scrubber, which is a handy addition. However, I do recommend purchasing an extra small brush specifically for cleaning nipples and straws, as the provided scrubber may not be sufficient for those tasks.

Overall, the Philips Avent Child Bottle Brush has proven to be a reliable workhorse in our bottle cleaning routine. Its simplicity, functionality, and versatility make it a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal. While we have some concerns about the plastic construction, the brush’s effectiveness and convenience outweigh those reservations.

Best Bang for the Multi-Pack Buck

Mama Bear Bottle Brush

Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Bottle Brush (Pack of 3)

Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Bottle Brush

  • Sponge and bristle combination
  • Cleaning tip for bottle nipple cleaning
  • Suction base for counter or wall storage
  • BPA free
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re proud of our products. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase.


  • Narrow necks
  • Nipple cleaner
  • Brush and bristle combo


  • Not as durable
  • Short

The Mama Bear Bottle Brush to be a useful tool for bottle cleaning. It features a sponge tip and delicate nylon bristles twisted in a metal neck. The handle is made of plastic with a slip-resistant coating, making it comfortable to hold. One feature we appreciate is the combination of sponge and bristles, as it provides a good scrubbing action while remaining gentle on delicate surfaces.

The slim stem of the brush easily fits into tiny openings, and the sponge can reach the corners of oddly-shaped bottles, ensuring a thorough clean. The bristles are soft, so there isn’t much back spray even when removing the brush from a narrow opening. The other side of the brush has a lightly textured plastic nipple cleaner, which is a convenient addition. Moreover, the entire brush is dishwasher safe on the top rack for easy sterilization. These brushes often come in a 3-pack, making them quite affordable.

However, it’s important to note that the neck and handle of the Mama Bear brush are a bit short, which can make it challenging to clean taller 8-9 oz bottles effectively. Additionally, the brush itself doesn’t feel very sturdy. With frequent use, the sponge tip tends to rip when forced through small openings, and you’ll likely need to replace it every 30-60 days. This short usage span can contribute to more waste in the long run, which may be a concern for those mindful of their environmental impact.

Despite these hiccups, the Mama Bear Bottle Brush remains an affordable and effective bottle cleaner that most parents will appreciate. Its sponge and bristle combo, along with the slim design, make it a practical choice for everyday bottle cleaning needs.

baby bottle brush - best bang for the multi-pack buck
The sponge tip of the Mama Bear brush simply reaches small grooves in most dimension bottles.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford

Our Favourite Straw Brush

Dr. Brown’s Straw Brush

The Dr. Brown’s Straw Brush has become a staple in our homes, serving multiple purposes. These long and slender brushes are specifically designed to work perfectly with Dr. Brown’s bottle system. However, we have found them to be incredibly useful for cleaning a wide range of items, including nipples, straws, water bottle lids, and more. Measuring just 5″ in length and 1/4″ wide, these brushes can fit into every nook and cranny. The flexible wire stem allows them to reach awkward angles and effectively clean objects that aren’t straight.

One of the advantages of the Dr. Brown’s Straw Brush is that it comes in a pack of four. This means you can customize one or two brushes by bending them into different shapes to better clean specific bottles or lids in your home. This versatility is highly appreciated.

However, it’s important to note that due to their small and flexible design, these brushes can be easier to lose or damage. To mitigate this, we recommend designating a dedicated brush area on your counter or keeping them in a small cup to help limit the possibility of misplacing them. It’s worth mentioning that the handles on these brushes, if you can call them that, are almost non-existent. They are simply an extension of the wire with a small loop at the end. This may make it slightly more challenging for individuals with larger fingers to maneuver the brushes comfortably.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we greatly appreciate the unique application of these tiny brushes and consider them an essential kitchen tool in any home. Their ability to reach tight spaces and clean various items makes them a valuable asset in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

baby bottle brush - our favorite straw brush
Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush suits simply by way of narrow-necked bottles, however this can put on down the sponge tip over time.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford

Best OverAll Materials Brush

Redecker Natural Pig Bristle Furniture Dust Brush

Redecker Natural Pig Bristle Furniture Dust Brush

Redecker Natural Pig Bristle Furniture Dust Brush

  • HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIAL – Stiff, natural bristles gently-yet-thoroughly clean filth from your furniture
  • PIG BRISTLE BRUSH HEAD – Densely-packed bristles remove dust, dirt, and debris without scratching or scuffing delicate surfaces
  • DETAILS & DIMENSIONS – Hand-crafted from oiled beechwood and pig bristle; furniture brush measures 7-1/2-inches long
  • BEAUTIFUL BEECHWOOD – Durable, ochre-colored beechwood ages gracefully with use
  • CARE – Rinse with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution, towel blot to remove excess moisture, and hang dry at room temperature; comb with a metal comb then hang or lay flat to store; made in Germany


  • Natural materials
  • Durable
  • Extra-long handle


  • Large brush head
  • No nipple brush
  • No brush stand

The Redecker Beechwood Brush offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bottle brushes. The handle is made of untreated beechwood, and the bristles are crafted from horsehair. What sets this brush apart is the absence of plastic, making it a highly attractive option for those looking to limit their use of plastic for health or environmental reasons. Despite its eco-friendly design, this brush performs exceptionally well in terms of cleaning capability.

The semi-stiff bristles of the Redecker brush create a good lather and effectively clean bottles. They are also gentle enough to mold around curves and crevices, ensuring a thorough clean. Another notable feature is that we didn’t experience much back spray when removing the brush head from narrow-necked bottles, minimizing overall mess and the need for extensive cleanup.

It’s important to note that the Redecker Beechwood Brush is a no-frills product and does not come with fancy accessories or features like a nipple brush or stand. Redecker recommends hanging the brush to dry, but you may need to devise your own system for this purpose. If you choose to purchase this product, you will likely need to invest in an additional brush for cleaning nipples and other small items. Additionally, the Redecker brush is one of the pricier options in our review. However, its durability and long-lasting construction justify the investment. Some users even repurpose the brush for household cleaning once it is no longer suitable for dishes.


Examine Merchandise

baby bottle brush - we tested a variety of bottle brushes in every size and material...

We examined quite a lot of bottle brushes in each dimension and materials choices we may discover.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford

Why You Ought to Belief Us

We contemplate ourselves bottle-washing consultants after years of testing and utilizing child bottles, sippy cups, and the perfect water bottles for youths. Whereas bottle brushes do not initially really feel like a class it’s worthwhile to analysis, our testing signifies that they aren’t all created equal, and it deserves at the least some small consideration to make sure your chosen product meets your wants and expectations.

Main product choice and testing for our bottle brush evaluate is Senior Assessment Editor Abriah Wofford. Abriah has gotten her palms on varied brushes through the years. Because of her nanny expertise, she has a very good grasp of what to search for within the good bottle brush. We replicate a worst-case soiled bottle state of affairs throughout testing for this evaluate, leaving a layer of milk in bottles to dry in a single day earlier than testing every brush. We consider different attributes to price and rank every brush: sturdiness, eco-health, and child well being.

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush fits into narrow mouth bottles with ease.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush suits into slender mouth bottles with ease.
We like products that have a nipple brush included, like the OXO Tot...

We like merchandise which have a nipple brush included, just like the OXO Tot Brush.

Evaluation and Check Outcomes

We purchased, examined, and in contrast varied bottle brushes to find out the simplest approach to clear soiled bottles and different nursing and feeding objects. Whereas utilizing every product, we targeted on the general cleansing capability of every contender, took be aware of any distinctive options, and in contrast the baby bottle brushes side-by-side.


Not one of the bottle brushes had been costly, however you do not wish to pay greater than it’s important to. Nevertheless, after a lot testing, we are able to say that purchasing a sturdy brush that prices a little bit extra may prevent cash over time since you theoretically will not want to interchange it as typically. Sadly, all bottle brushes have a shelf life. Regardless of how a lot you spend, you’ll ultimately want to interchange a brush to keep away from transferring gunk, viruses, and micro organism from one floor to a different. However some brushes will last more than others and appear to retain their cleanability longer. The Philips Avent Child Bottle Brush is sturdy in comparison with the competitors and cleaned effectively throughout testing. This price range brush is likely one of the least costly within the group, and we expect it should work for many wants and households. Alternatively, the OXO Tot Brush is barely a few {dollars} extra and earned spectacular scores for sturdiness and cleanability. Its deal with is longer, making it appropriate for bottles of various sizes (suppose longer water bottles). It additionally earned a barely greater rating for eco-health, making it a very good addition for many households no matter their cleansing objectives.

baby bottle brush - there is a perfect bottle brush out there for you, no matter what...

There’s a good bottle brush on the market for you, it doesn’t matter what fashion you like.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford

Cleansing Means

Bottle brushes ought to excel at rapidly scrubbing away breastmilk, system, or anything you place within the container. Whereas all examined merchandise labored effectively sufficient, a number of choices have more practical designs that made the bottle-washing course of considerably simpler. To strive every brush, we place used bottles on the counter and allow them to sit in a single day, permitting any leftover milk to dry. We then use every bottle brush, in flip, to see which of them scrub away the dried milk with ease and which of them took some additional elbow grease.

We favor brushes with medium-stiff bristles and a bigger brush head to scrub a higher floor space. We additionally respect merchandise with a nipple brush included or built-in to the deal with. The OXO Tot suits the invoice on each accounts and has much more ease-of-use options as well. The Philips Avent Child Bottle Brush is an easier brush however continues to be a wonderful scrubber that we like to make use of on a number of objects along with bottles.

baby bottle brush - using the oxo tot brush was the easiest and fastest way to get a...

Utilizing the OXO Tot Brush was the simplest and quickest approach to get a clear bottle.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford

A Word on Overspray
Any brush with a head stuffed with bristles will create some spray if you pull it out from a narrow-necked bottle. Nevertheless, the Munchkin Bristle Brush had bristles so stiff that the overspray was ridiculous. We had been splattered from the waist up with water and soapy bubbles, together with the partitions, the countertop, and all the things else within the neighborhood. This situation didn’t reduce over time; we had been ceaselessly scrunching up our noses and turning our heads to keep away from the mess.
It's a bit of a squeeze to get the brush head of the Munchkin...

It’s kind of of a squeeze to get the comb head of the Munchkin Bristle Brush by way of very slender openings.
The soapy water from the brush gets flung far and wide by the extra...

The soapy water from the comb will get flung far and large by the additional stiff bristles on the Munchkin Bristle Brush.

A couple of of the brushes we examined have versatile necks, just like the Munchkin Bristle Brush. This characteristic dramatically improves ease of use by permitting the comb head to succeed in completely different angles inside the bottle. Watch out to not get too assured within the flex; the necks of the bottles will break when you push an excessive amount of.

baby bottle brush - the boon cacti brushes have unique shapes that offer better cleaning...

The Boon Cacti brushes have distinctive shapes that supply higher cleansing and accessibility.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford


Sturdiness instantly impacts the worth of your child bottle brush and not directly impacts its cleansing capability. Whereas it’s best to interchange your bottle brushes periodically to take care of good hygiene, sure qualities can probably enhance efficiency inside this era.

For instance, stiffer bristles like these discovered on the Munchkin Bristle Brush maintain their form longer than softer ones. Silicone brushes, just like the Kitchiny Silicone Brush, maintain as much as sizzling water and sanitization significantly better than plastic and do not require frequent alternative. The OXO Tot Brush has a considerably versatile plastic deal with, but it surely additionally feels much less sturdy throughout testing. Brushes with metal or wooden handles are a lot sturdier than plastic variations that generally snap below strain. The sponge scrubbers on the Dr. Brown’s Comfortable Contact and Mama Bear are among the least sturdy, and so they begin to tear off in chunks if repeatedly punched by way of small openings.

baby bottle brush - sponge tipped brushes like dr. brown's bottle brush get everything...

Sponge tipped brushes like Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush get all the things squeaky clear, sadly they may have to be changed regularly.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford

Eco-Well being

It may be a difficult job to seek out an eco-friendly child bottle brush. The preferred choices are virtually fully plastic; nonetheless, we included a number of pure choices just like the Redecker Beechwood Brush in our testing as potential alternate options for these seeking to restrict their use of plastic. These two are essentially the most eco-friendly and use all-natural supplies. We just like the system of the Boon Journey as its included drying rack eliminates the necessity to use paper towels when washing on the go.

Another choice is to decide on a long-lasting plastic brush, so you may probably buy fewer brushes all through your bottle-washing years, producing much less waste. If this sounds extra interesting to you, we suggest the Munchkin Bristle Brush or the Philips Avent Child Bottle Brush, which scored effectively for sturdiness.

baby bottle brush - the redecker baby bottle brush is made from steel and pig hair...
The Redecker Child Bottle Brush is constituted of metal and pig hair bristles.

Credit score: Abriah Wofford


A child bottle brush is an easy software that rapidly turns into indispensable within the kitchen. Till you’ve got a child, you may not even have thought of this sort of gear earlier than. Nevertheless, it may possibly make a world of distinction when cleansing the odd shapes of bottles, sippy cups, youngsters’ water bottles, and breast pump elements. Many individuals buy their first baby bottle brushes to be used with baby-related objects however discover them so useful that they proceed to make use of them effectively previous the bottle-feeding stage. Along with cleansing bottles, bottle brushes are nice for grownup water bottles, journey mugs, vases, humidifiers, and extra. We expect that after you discover the best brush for your loved ones and wishes, it’s prone to turn out to be certainly one of your most closely used cleansing instruments in your arsenal.

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