Veggie Packed Meatballs — Fortified Family

Why It’s Wise to Celebrate vs. Conceal Vegetables

Remember that fad of a few years ago where everyone was “hiding” vegetables in more popular foods kids like…like brownies?

I’m definitely not a fan of disguising or hiding vegetables. My problem with this approach is two-fold: disguising vegetables first and foremost erodes the trust relationship between you, your kids and food. 

On top of that, hiding vegetables teaches children that there’s something inherently distasteful or undesirable about vegetables. If we can allow children to explore the many different ways to experience vegetables, there’s at least the likelihood that they may learn to enjoy the actual taste of vegetables.

Instead of concealing vegetables, we can celebrate them by offering vegetables in familiar formats that are just a tad different than what our family might expect or a little out of the ordinary…like meatballs!

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