Videos Of Flight Attendants Dealing With Trump Rioters Go Viral


Social media is full of videos showing airplanes of Trump rioters harassing flight attendants as they headed for the Capitol

Because flight attendants don’t have enough to do, planes full of unruly Trump mobs posed a security risk for various airline employees this week. Many videos of Trump rioters heading for the Capitol building show the extremists bullying flight attendants and other passengers, with one plane full of rioters projecting “Trump 2020” on the ceiling of the plane while screaming in support of their soon-to-be-ousted dictator.

On an American Airlines flight to Dulles International Airport earlier this week, passengers shouted and swore at each other after Trump supporters used the dark cabin to harass others on board with their projection, forcing the flight attendant to turn up cabin lights that had been dimmed and ordered passengers to their seats.

Since 9/11, flight attendants and pilots are trained to keep all passengers safe while in the air while being trained to spot potential terrorism on board (interesting, right?). For the last 10 months, they’ve had to enforce mask-wearing during the pandemic, and now they have to deal with unruly people en route to cause domestic terror in our nation’s capital.

Notorious Trump butt-kisser Jack Posobiec shared a video on Twitter of another plane full of people on their way to attend the riot:

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