What Are The Pros And Cons Of Permanent Makeup

The Pros And Cons Of Permanent Makeup By Barbies Beauty Bits

Today I am going to discuss the pros and cons of permanent makeup. There are quite a few people in my circle of friends who have permanent makeup. From microblading (an eyebrow-tattooing technique), permanent eyeliner, tattoo freckles, even lip color pigmentation, these permanent makeup procedures can really seem appealing to many women, especially when it comes to saving time.  

Think about it how much time do you spend applying your makeup each day? Even if you only spend 15 minutes, that adds to over 90 plus hours in a single year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of that extra time at your disposal?

Or perhaps you’ve sometimes wished there was a way to always look like you had the basics on and could just walk out the door or sleep-in. Well, now you can with permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that employs tattoos to produce designs that resemble the appearance of makeup. Although it is referred to as permanent, I call it semi-permanent as it will usually last anywhere between one and five years. You can choose to renew your treatment or go back to traditional makeup as you see fit.

Understandably, you might feel conflicted about the idea of receiving permanent makeup treatment, even scary if you do not like the finished look as it not like you can rub it off.  So, to help you make up your mind about the treatment, here are the key pros and cons of permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup Near Me By Barbies Beauty Bits

The Pros Of Permanent Makeup

  • Time Saver:  I think this is most important, especially for older women, busy career women, or even a new mom. Helping with:  
    • Feeling confident knowing that you have on some makeup 
    • Helping to save time with your other makeup application 
    • Less time in front of the mirror 
    • Or if you want to run out of the door with the basics on you can look slightly made up with no effort of applying eyeliner, filling in your brows, or applying lipstick.
  • Resilience: The worst thing about makeup is that it smears and smudges. We’ve all experienced the dreaded raccoon eyes or forgotten to remove makeup at night and awoken with it all over the pillow. But permanent makeup is always perfect, no matter what.
  • Customization: There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to permanent makeup, and your treatment will be tailored to your unique style and preferences.
The cons of permanent makeup By Barbies Beauty Bits

The Cons Of Permanent Makeup

  • It Is Permanent: There are a few concerns here. 
    • A Semi-permanent Mistake On Your Face: The look may not turn out how you wished it would. There are mistakes in everything and this is your face, not something your can cover-up if there is a mishap. 
    • Like A Variety: If you like to mix up your makeup look then permanent makeup may not be for you. Once applied, it is there for a few years, so you will need to be certain that you love it. 
    • Can’t Change With The Trends: If you are a trendy person this is not for you. Personally I do not think it’s a good idea not to go too outlandish with your look or pick a trendy fad that will one day go out of style. 
  • Safety Concerns: Permanent makeup is not a dangerous process, but as with many cosmetic treatments, there is some element of risk and possible side effects. All tattoos can carry a slight risk of infection or allergic reaction, but most people undergo the procedure with no problem. Most beauticians will ask you to sign a permanent makeup consent form just in case. You can also have them do a test spot, which they usually place an inconspicuous mark on your arm to see if it causes any skin conditions, like a rash, hives, etc.    
  • It Can Fade Unevenly: Remember this is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo and like all tattoos, it will fade over time. I know some people who have had an odd uneven color fading with the lip tattoos. And tattooed blush, stay away from it as it looks horrible when it fades. 
  • Cost: Permanent makeup can be an expensive procedure upfront, but when you think about all the time and money you spend on makeup, it may just be worth it in the long run.

So there you have it some of the “Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup.”  Love to know your experience with permanent makeup, let me know below!

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