Writing Your Family Food Story with Dr. Julia Nordgren — Fortified Family

I first met Dr. Julia when I attended the CIA’s Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives conference a few years back. She presents at this fabulous food conference each year, helping physicians learn about food & nutrition in a manner they can easily translate to their patient populations.

As a pediatrician in Northern California, Dr. Julia works in a clinic-based setting with children and adolescents who have obesity, pre-diabetes & cholesterol. Too often she sees families AFTER years of unhealthy habits have set in…but she always focuses on the changes they can STILL make in order to redirect their diets and health. 

Because my own audience consists primarily of mothers of babies and young children just beginning to develop their own relationship with food, I asked Dr. Julia how her experiences as a chef and pediatrician can help these moms.

She introduced me to the idea of “writing your family’s food story”….and reminds us that as the adults, WE control the food situation in our family.

Babies are kind of like blank palettes she explained, “You have this blank page and YOU get to write your family’s food story.” Some families may share with her, “You know….my story was I was overweight and had high cholesterol as a little kid. Then when I was 8 I started learning how to cook and eat more wholesome foods and I was able to turn my health around.”

Another mom might say to Dr. Julia, “My story was that I had no idea how to cook and everyone in my family as diabetes, and then I had this helpless 6 month old who had to learn how to eat. I realized I could rewrite the rest of the story by learning some basic cooking techniques and how to prepare real food for my whole family!”

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