You Can Now Recycle Used LEGOs in LEGO Recycling Program

We have the answer of what to do with all those used LEGOs!  There is now a LEGO recycling program.

LEGO is probably the one toy I am willing to spend full-price on just because they last forever!

Take advantage of the LEGO recycling program! Now you know what to do with all those used LEGOs.

Are LEGOs Recyclable?

LEGO actually sells 75 million products a year. That means there are a lot of LEGOS floating around out there. And it’s no wonder with as many fun kids activities you can do with Legos. Plus, they also make great stem activities as well.

If you have a kid really into LEGOs, check out how LEGO blocks are made!

Since there are so many bricks out there and since they last so long LEGO has now introduced a LEGO recycling program where you can get rid of unwanted bricks for free! If your kids’ LEGO brick collection has grown like mine has, you have likely wondered what to do with unwanted LEGOs.

There are 75 millions LEGOS sold each year and many of them should be recycled to benefit people and the world.  Pictured are many variations of LEGOs in a pile.
75 million LEGO sets are sold each year. Many can be recycled to benefit educational programs or broken down and reused.

Where to Donate Old LEGOs

Yes, you may think of donating or selling old LEGO’s instead of recycling but for some, recycling unwanted bricks can be the better alternative to dumping the bricks into the trash. LEGO bricks are generally accepted by any charity that accepts in-working-order toys. But if you don’t, then check out the brick recycling…

If you are looking to recycle, LEGO has a goal of switching to 100% sustainable materials in the next decade and with your help, they can do that. That is why they started the LEGO recycling program.

LEGOS are fun for so many different activities, but when we are done there is not reason for them to go to the dump when they can be recycled.  Shown is boy playing with LEGOs.
You can help LEGO switch to using 100% sustainable materials.

How to Recycle Unwanted LEGO Bricks

If you have unwanted LEGO bricks lying around (and hurting your feet) you can head over to the LEGO website to print a free mailing label.

Once printed, U.S. customers can box up unwanted LEGO bricks and ship them to the company for free. It is all part of the LEGO Replay! program.

The logo for Legos looking all great and glowy against a black backdrop
You can print out a free LEGO shipment label to make LEGO recycling easier.

What Happens to Recycled LEGOs?

The pieces will be cleaned, put in a box and given to Teach for America which is a nonprofit that will donate them to classrooms across the United States.

Some bricks will be also sent to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston for its after-school programs.

Yay! That is the perfect solution for used LEGOs!

Everything is playing with legos that will eventually go into the lego recycling program.
These recycled LEGO bricks will be cleaned and go to Teach For America.

According to the LEGO website:

LEGO Replay is our way of helping fans donate bricks to kids in need. We’re currently trying it out in the United States. Just go to, print out a shipping label, box up your bricks and get them to the post office. You can also visit one of our LEGO Stores to get a free shipping label or drop your donation off in person. The bricks you send will be sorted and cleaned before being donated to Teach for America or Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

If you’re deciding what to do with LEGO® bricks when you don’t want to play with them anymore, we recommend passing them on to someone else or donating them to a local charity shop.

Bricks that don’t meet our high standards after being molded aren’t just thrown away. We can sometimes grind them down to make new pieces. Pieces that can’t be ground down and reused in molding help generate power in our facilities. When we make too many bricks of one kind, we donate them through our LEGO Foundation to charities all over the world!

LEGO bricks are cleaned - set of blue bricks pictured
Use LEGOs will be recycled into new products, ground down to create new bricks, or used for other purposes.

So, know that your LEGO bricks will serve a new, fun purpose. I think this is a great way to recycle LEGO bricks if you don’t know where else to take them!

Lego Is Taking It A Step Further With Their Recycling

LEGO recycling isn’t the only way the company is going green! They’ve recently started switching from plastic bags to paper bags in their box sets.

After kids began asking for the switch LEGO obliged. They’re hoping in the next 5 years that they will have completely switched over to paper bags to make its packaging sustainable.

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