Your Kids Can Call Their Favorite Sesame Street Characters

Calling a Sesame St character on the phone is really cool and can make a child’s day.

Sesame Street is known for their methods of reaching young children in difficult times.  To comfort and support kids they added a virtual way of playing together called Elmo’s Playdate to share social distancing ideas in a kid friendly format and a second video featuring Elmo’s dad giving parents a pep talk too.

Sesame Street Characters Helping Kids Cope

Now, other favorite Sesame characters are providing PSAs to young children about staying at home, with Oscar the Grouch and Grover leading the way. 

Call on the Phone to Talk to Sesame Street Characters

Parents are able to call the provided number and let their kids hear from their favorite characters with tips on how to stay safe at home during the crisis.

Phone Message from Oscar the Grouch

In true Oscar the Grouch fashion, the grumpy Muppet reminds kids that it’s good to stay home and away from people, as Oscar himself loves to do.

Phone Message from Grover on Sesame Street

Grover’s message is more upbeat. He tells kids that it is important to practice self care at home and to keep exercising to keep your body healthy.  

Sesame Street Character Phone Number

The messages are part of an outreach from KPCC, public radio in Southern California, and developed as another way to help young children understand what is going on.

You don’t have to live in California to chat with your favorite characters either.  

Families can call 626-831-9333 and let their children hear the messages.


Did your kids call Sesame Street on the phone?

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