Your New Diet Awaits, The Healthy Way

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Your New Diet Awaits, The Healthy Way

These days we eat and barely expend energy, and of course many of us do not exercise at all. Over time this is the simplest recipe for an unbalanced diet for the whole family. Some of the foods we eat are just not favourable to our health. This is why we should always consider looking at No Evil Foods for more information. Keeping the family healthy can be a joint effort. When things are done together, there is a bigger success. 

Kids love to ask questions and get answers accordingly. Shopping list preparation time is a great opportunity to explain to children that their body needs energy, vitamins and minerals, which it receives directly from the food they consume. Explain to them that proper nutrition allows the body not only to better perform physical but also cognitive activities, such as learning, thinking and concentrating. A body that does not receive “fuel” properly and balanced will function much less well. Also buy products that you all love, definitely, but most importantly for you, the parents, to make in front of your children the distinction between products that need to be eaten and those that are treats. 

Set the most nutritious shopping list in the family consciousness – make sure that the list contains a large variety of vegetables and fruits, which provide a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can even buy a new vegetable to try with each purchase, for example something like radishes or Spanish peppers. Combine dry, frozen or prepared legumes, which provide the body with plant proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. For example: chickpeas, green peas, orange or black lentils, white beans or red beans. 

Switch to whole grains – pasta, couscous, breakfast cereals and breads – that are more nutritious and satisfying.

Build a weekly meal plan – an organized agenda will help us lead a healthy lifestyle, without unnecessary overeating throughout the day. Plan each day what you will eat in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Try to have a varied meal, that each day will have a slightly different menu from the previous. It’s time to try and incorporate new foods, such as legume salad, or orange lentil soup, foods that children generally dislike and are less exposed to. Appoint a duty each day to distribute menu pages and make sure diners receive the meal according to shared plans. 

Cook together –  on the one hand we cook all day, and on the other hand we run out of ideas for games, activities and quality time with the children. So have family meals together. Try to eat at least one meal a day in full force around the table, while maintaining a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. It is also a wonderful opportunity to talk about delicious, healthy and nutritious foods, and answer all sorts of annoying questions that are floating around. Good luck, and good health and keep motivated for a better future.


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